Mirrored Halls PF 500 without potion strategy

I remember that this can be done “relatively” easy by essentially utilizing Doppleganger’s skill, however, now that I am getting closer, I would like to refresh my knowledge and get ready for it. I still have 9 days of daily delves to climb until 500, so there is time, but I want to get ready when it happens. Questions:

  1. What hoard level is suggested? I know that higher is better, but I am running low on gold and resources :slight_smile:
  2. What team did you use? From a quick look, Copycat and Doppleganger are a must for getting a key troop and ensuring its survivability (for gems as well as getting copies of it), however, what would you get for the last two spots? Maybe have Glass Golem at the top just for better chance on the first and second room until copy can be done? Although it sucks? But what about the fourth card?
  3. What is the strategy for cloning? In other words, which room(s) I target for and which rooms I don’t even try (just do a regular run and hope for a better reset). I have not yet examined middle rooms a lot to decide on this. Do I actually look at the other rooms? I would imagine not, but still asking.
  4. What is the strategy for the final fight? In which order do I want to kill enemy or do I even get a choice for this?

As usual, appreciate all the help and previous insight. Hang in there with me, I should be done with these PF non-sense at some point :rofl:

I used Glass Golem/Doppleganger/Copycat/Mirror Queen. Hoard 188.

Most people win by copying a good troop in the middle (Gluttony, Fenrir, Venoxia, etc) although in the end I won the final battle having almost immediately lost the top two troops to a freak skull drop. I did it just by spawning more Copycats and eventually skull hitting the enemy to death. Their copies degrade every copy so time is on your side

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Hoard 111 (with 50% likely, it was a long time ago).
First success - Golem/Doppelganger/Copycat/Queen with cloning Gluttony;
Second success - Copycat/Queen/Copycat/Queen (or maybe it was Queens before Copycats) by spamming Queens and using Copycats to replace dead troops.

You’d want to get rid of their Queen first (might change a bit depending on which of your troops they clone), after that it’s mostly about surviving skulls.


Similar story here to @Dust_Angel.

I did this on my first attempt at a Pure Faction run. Hoard 144 (plus 50% from Kingdom Power 14), but it can probably be done at Hoard 100 (with or without bonus) or close to it if you get one of the “right” middle rooms. Because this is as much a “strategy” Pure Faction delve with some RNG thrown in for laughs.

I went Golem/Doppleganger/Copycat/Queen as my initial setup. Unless you’re massively out-statted, Golem is a passable tank for the first room as long as you don’t get obliterated by skyfall skulls. I ran into The Iron Gate in the middle room, so I Dopple’d the Dwarven Gate and simply played defense from there, allowing my Glass Golem to die and using two Gates to reinforce one another.

The Boss room took me upwards of an hour, and a large amount of re-summons. (Stonesong Eyrie, which I completed Pure Faction immediately before this, ended up much the same way in the Boss room. But for different reasons.) However, the outcome wasn’t really in doubt once I got rid of the enemy’s Mirror Queen – she’s the only faction troop that does spell damage, and her granting Reflect to troops is an irritant as to how that also can do damage to your team The lack of enemy firepower in the Boss room makes this faction much easier to manage.

Obviously, you nuke the enemy Queen in the boss room first. Or Queens, when the enemy gets them from various spell summoning effects from his own team. And working in level order from highest to lowest. With the setup I had, I made a point of not casting my Mirror Queen on an enemy with Reflect until such time as I cast a Dwarven Gate to give her Barrier to absorb the hit.


Super helpful so far. It sounds that I will finally have a break from horrible PF 500 without potions run spree that I have and have a (somewhat) delightful experience coming my way. Great to hear! I cannot wait for it (again in approximately a week or so)!

In the meanwhile, if others have other feedback, feel free to. I check this pretty regularly.

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I keep getting Factions to 500 before realizing the ones I level are some of the hardest ones to do :joy:I’ve been working on this one since it’s supposedly easier and I’ll have a pure Mirrored Halls PF run myself soon!

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Let me know how it goes. I am interested in recent experience as well as previous experience.

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If you want to do it without raising hoard, it indeed is suggested to use the Doppelganger strategy. I have got the impression that copying devour troops is the way to go, and this usually happens in the middle room so first step is getting that nice middle room.


Is what I used aswell.

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I was going to wait for the delve event next week which is going to be Mirrored Halls. However today I thought I would have a go with sigils since it is my last potionless 500 left.
Hoard 141
1x Anu, 2 x Nysha
I went with this …

I simply made sure to replace a dead Queen with same , or a dead Copycat with same so ensured I had a queeen and copycat full to use if required.
At the end try to keep the enemy copycat and kill the queen first. Doppleganger is stealthy. When you just have (useless) enemy Copycats left you just have to slowly pick them off. They cant do you any damage.
Each time the enemy replaced a troop it was weaker every time !

Boss room - nearly there…

Victory first run :partying_face::partying_face:


Nice congrats. Just wondering how long the boss fight took? I guess as suggested you focused on killing the enemy queen first?

Thanks Cronus :grinning:
I didn’t time it but it probably took about 20 minutes or so. The enemy team was Glass Golem, Doppelganger, Copycat, Mirror Queen. Yes I did take the queen out first, then had to concentrate on getting Glass Golem out to get at (stealthy) Doppelganger. As previously mentioned I left Copycat alone to eventually copy itself in to oblivion !

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In my PF run in mirrored hall, I copied Fenrir from one of the rooms before boss, then i buffed the hell out of fenrir on boss room and managed to win .

my team when I entered boss room was :

hoard 100
kingdom lv 14

good luck


Nice. And to confirm their copies get less and less strong? Were you ever in bad shape along the path or overall?

Yes, as you can see from the final battle screenshot, the enemy has spawned copy cats multiple times, and each time they got less powerful. My spawned troops did not lose power.
It was quite a straightforward ride. I did have to replace my troops several times. I tried to use my top Queen and left my bottom Copycat/queen full to respawn when required. Luckily there are only 3 battles to do in this delve. My middle battle had Lady Ironbeard in last position who I took out first as I recall.

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Awesome. This is super useful since it gives me hope that I don’t have to wait for the most optimal middle room and I can use your strategy.

One last question: what was your hoard level (If you have not mentioned already)

Edit: you did mention 141. Awesome. I am all set.

Just a heads up - I had used 2/3 sigils yesterday to farm shards and after the win I recreated the team to show here. I have just gone back in to the delve to check and found I had the troops the wrong way round in the re-creation. I have taken a screenshot of the team in the delve now and replaced it in my post :grinning:


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I am not there yet, still on floor 350 and climbing but looking forward to it.

First attempt failed. I got Lair of Shadows (or whatever that is) in Room #2 and since this is a very damage-heavy room, I was not able to keep up with the enemy killing my troops with summons.

I will continue and hope for an easier second room. We will see what happens.

Worst comes to worst, As long as you have Copycat on your team and can have 2 Copycats as front line, you’ll have a hard time losing. and if that goes wrong, you can always use your Mirror Queen to copy the enemies Copycat. 2 Copycat and 2 Mirror Queen can get you through the last room eventually. Slow and steady.

Its nice to start with a Doppleganger strategy, but not mandatory.

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I posted this in a similar thread so hopefully this works for other people as well.

In my case, i finally beat it with 2 doppelgangers followed by one copycat and Mirror Queen.

Mirror Queen was solely for clearing the first room, but i would look for a bulette room in the middle. Getting two bulettes with two copycats for the final room is ideal. The copycata help generate the brown gems and can replace a troop if it gets lost. Once a bulette gets a devour or two off, it becomes a breeze, even if they get their own through Mirror Queen.

Granted, I would refresh the delve attempts until i got that bulette room instead of running it through the other rooms.