Mirrored Halls PF 500 without potion strategy

Done on the second attempt:

Used the following team:

Golem to tank on room 1, Doppleganger to copy Dwarven Gate on Room 2. As suggested before, used Copycat to make another Dwarven Gate and then it is slow but extremely steady.

Just to give you an idea how slow it is, this was the final fight just before end:

I think I played super safe and it could have been faster if I used Copycat more (I rarely used her, only mainly when I need to re-summon my Gate) or if I started ignoring skulls earlier (realized that at some point it is faster to ignore and re-summon). Regardless, super safe as I mentioned.

Thanks all for suggestions. One more bites the dust!


Congratulations. And nearly a half hour faster than I managed to do it, too!

I mean, yeah, the Dwarven Gate method is really slow and tedious, but it works. I think the moral of this story is that there are a lot of different ways to skin this particular cat, depending on what the middle room gives you.

GRATZ Cronus ! :partying_face::partying_face::tada:
It seems all your pre planning paid off :grin:

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For sure. I truly appreciate all the help.

I am down to last 10! factions to be complete.

I believe the following are doable potion-less with reasonable hoard level without losing sanity completely :slight_smile:

  • Indrajit’s Palace
  • City of Thieves (my hoard for this one is already 275)
  • Hall of Guardians

And I have heard the following is doable with a decent hoard:

  • Sunken Fleet

Looks like the following can be done with several tries, relying on instant kill luck (although likely much more difficult compared to Crypt Keepers):

  • Eldrazhor

I also know that to maintain sanity, the following should not be attempted potion-less:

  • The Labyrinth
  • Werewoods
  • Hell Gate

Which leaves only the following two:

  • Fang Moor
  • Sea of Sorrow

I have heard people doing both potion-less, but I think they are considered hard and above. I would love to get Fang Moor done, if possible, considering that I am already at floor 500 on that one.

If you have any suggestions, let me know.

I got City of Thieves recently, but I had to put Leonis Empire to level 17 for the extra 25% hoard stats (basic hoard 308)

FANG MOOR is another one that was quite easy with Khetar at level 17 and a large hoard of 300 (done 24 Feb)

You do not need a massive hoard for this one
Hoard 221
(Whitehelm L15)

I recently completed all of my remaining faction delves. I ended up not using any of the teams suggested on youtube etc.
Latterly I had to invent a mega gold making team in order to use the lower ranking treasure cards after running out of Crowns, Lamps and Elephants but hundreds of lesser cards :rofl:

Oh, and Werewoods can be done potionless - If I can do it anyone can (with a big enough hoard) :rofl:


I’ve highlighted the ones you’re interested in (25/50% hoard bonus coming from memory, might not be entirely reliable but I do not have 75% anywhere)

City of Thieves:
Hoard 200 + 50 % through Cedric room allowing him cast once (and one of Glaycion rooms) with

King of Thieves
Street Thief
Cat Burglar
King of Thieves

First King died to skull cascades after they Tomb Robber agiled a few; Street Thief and Cat Burglar were finished by their Cat Burglar but by then it was too late for them.

Hoard 199 + 50% with double Huntsman/Rogue/Velenne

Through middle Chessboard Room; plus boss room Deep Magus turned into Pharaoh Hound (EDIT: so - lycanthropy sort of help during this one, too). Only one insta-kill in first room.

Started boss room with both first Huntsman and summoned spider dead.

Fang Moor:
Nothing more to add than 3x Dargon/Asp and try until you succeed

Sea of Sorrow:
Hammerhead/Sea Witch/2x Deep King
First room - easy
Spider room - easy
2x Lamia room - lost one of the Kings (well, what else d’you expect?)
Boss room - not bad, lucky that their King didn’t double-target my King when it was in kill range.

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Just did Sea of Sorrow no potions, hoard 199, 50% faction bonus “for fun”.

It’s definitely a lot easier now then when it first came out. The stat difference is noticeable. Just watch out for the wish gems if you do go for it now. Went into the boss room with 1 Hammerclaw, 1 Sea Witch, 1 The Deep King because Dark Monolith took advantage of Sea Witch’s casts.

Won with 1 hit left on my The Deep King (last enemy was an enraged Mershark)

Hammerclaw, Sea Witch, The Deep King, The Deep King (Banner of Murder)

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Just incase you are interested…

Alphabetical order of my PF500 runs. Video description/comments has additional jargon about strategy, hoard levels and what not.


@esslee @Dust_Angel @TheIdleOne and @Hazard1 these are all great tips and resources, thank you very much!

It is great to hear that both Sea of Sorrow and Fang Moor are doable potion-less (well I guess all delves are doable with high enough hoard and bonus), but I will likely leave these to the end and do them with potions if I do get the corresponding delve show up on Tuesday / weekend.

This is surprising. Did you do the Cedric route trick? Hoard 308 is the highest I have done so far, but only used this for Frostfire Keep and Dripping Caverns and never with 75% bonus (always with 50%). So, I was really hoping that I could do this with 50% + hoard 275.

Good to hear that doable, but that is one expensive hoard :slight_smile:

Oh, I hear what you are saying. I am already running low on all treasures except the worst two.

I am actually overall surprised how easy (compared to what I see) Sea of Sorrows is based on all of your suggestions. I might re-prioritize this one.

Did you keep track (by any chance) how many attempts it took? Your average hoard is simply amazing to do some of these delves, again I was told that The Labyrinth and Werewoods are a major RNG-fest. I also saw that you have done Lyrasszsa’s Lair potion-less with a relatively low hoard level (202), which was pretty hectic for me even with 7 tier VII potions :smiley:

Hey Cronus. As you can see from my schedule completing the last few potionless I can’t stand to faff around so the delves I deemed to be pretty easy with a very high hoard got a very high hoard and were consequently straightforward !
28 Jan - City of Thieves (308)
3 Feb - Stonesong Eirie (157)
5 Feb - Primal Rift (170)
8 Feb - Fell Roost (181)
24 Feb - Fang Moor (300) Had to farm many millions of gold for the hoard :rofl:
25 Feb - Mirrored Halls (141). The FINAL one

In case you are interested here are my guildie notes for CoT

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Unfortunately, not. I threw the chart together for sharing in guild when most of them were already done…but I might try to approximate from memory again (and looking back in chat a bit).

Sea of Sorrows - 7th attempt;
City of Thieves - might’ve even been first run with Cedric room after raising hoard to 200. I came close a few times with lower hoard (when I felt like trying), then upped it and didn’t take long at all. I forfeited, however, all tries without Cedric - might be doable but I didn’t want to bother;
Fang Moor - about 2 weeks of trying;
Hall of Guardians - too long ago, before deeds existed;
Sunken Fleet - can’t say about completing it the first time…the second time, though…there were other people in my guild back then trying to do it and I thought: “okay, why not have some fun along with them?” and the very first attempt was successful;
Eldrazhor - no info; I was doing it sporadically when felt like it;

Lyrasza’s Lair was about a month with on/off trying - not every day, not all sigils every day - and I got lucky enough once. Lost a Dementicore somewhere in between, started boss with 2x Dementicore/Lyrasza but it worked.
The Labyrinth - started doing it on the last week of lycanthropy campaign as I figured it would be the easiest it would ever get because you don’t have to think about their Horned Guardian at all. Keep yourself alive and that dude will turn into a beast eventually. I started boss room with only my Horned Guardian, spent about 40 minutes there, six failed lycanthropy gems, the seventh did get rid of him.
Werewoods was also few weeks with on/off trying (Werebear/3x Torbern) until things fell the right way.

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Another down:

Used the strategy laid out by @esslee, thanks! I lost one of my King of Thieves in the third (V) room to Goblins, but it was enough to clear the last room with one King of Thieves. A little bit stressful from time to time but it was fast enough.

Hoard level 275, bonus 50%.