Any Pure Factions easier with Lycanthropy?

I’ve got 10 Pure Factions left, and I’m trying to decide whether to tackle any more of them now or wait until later, but more generally I’m wondering whether any are made easier by Lycanthropy and should be run now.

I was thinking Tinker Town could be easier, but Steamwhistle is immune to Lycanthropy. Lyrasza might be a bit easier (especially if a troop gets turned into something less random), though 2 of the troops are immune so it might not be better.

Anything else I’m overlooking? Should I just hold off and wait until Lycanthropy is done, are there some delves that I should really try to tackle now?

Tinker Town is generally doable at True Hoard 100(+) regardless, imo, although I’m not sure if Lycanthropy would make that harder.

Some people were speculating that Lyrasza’s Lair and possibly The Labyrinth might be made easier with Lycanthropy, and I guess more so now that Lyc halves the level and removes traits.

Getting to that HG vs HG state is still a feat in itself, though, requiring probably True Hoard 300+ :man_shrugging:.

For Lyrasza, kind of a rare chance to turn your Crazed Troll into something useful, but that’s really a lucky dip too. I guess their non-Dementicore troops would be susceptible to a transform as well ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Still not easy by any means.


I decided to give Fang Moor a go with post-5.6 lycanthropy. I chose that because Chief Dargon can apply lycanthropy by exploding a row.

It hasn’t helped much so far: I’m not seeing many lycanthropy gems to explode. I’m still going to need a huge hoard and a bucketful of luck. And lycanthropy once converted one of my Dargons, despite three Medals of Orpheus.

There are other factions that can target lycanthropy gems, such as Hall of Guardians using Silent Sentinel. I still think the idea of exploding or destroying lycanthropy gems in PF500 runs is sound, but the benefits are marginal.

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I’ve done all the following delves at hoard lvl100 no potions. Granted some were significantly harder than others.

All-Seeing Eye
Amanithrax *
Crypt Keepers *
Depths of Sin
Fell Roost
Hall of Guardians
Indrajit’s Palace
Primal Rift **
Silver Necropolis
The Deep Hive *
Tinker Town *
Wild Court

So none of those need you to go desperately attempt it with lycanstupidity right now. Lyrasza’s Lair or the Labyrinth … maybe, but they’re both so daft that you’d hardly notice the difference I expect.


I have beaten All Seeing Eye last week, it is insane if your summoner and healer will be hit with Lycanthropy.
I got some luck at Primal Rift, because in the boss room, the Redthorn got hit or in Felled Roost, where I got a Death Mark troop and the effect triggered well. But both runs would be good without it, because I was already on the winning side.
But all before the debuff of Lycanthropy.
In my opinion you need much luck to get a good troop. Most of the time I got totally weak troups and the AI got Pan, Willow or Kerberos.
Lycanthropy could be useful in Tinker Town of one of the mechs will be converted, but it depends what will spawn.
In the whole time I could beat 3 without any event
Fell Roost, Primal Rift, All Seeing Eye. I don’t know if I have beaten Hall of Guardian before campaign started. The run in Dark Pits in the event was the only one where I had same luck with Lycanthropy.

My opinion is I lost a lot tries due to Lycanthropy. You need luck without it and much more with Lycanthropy enabled.

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