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Tinker Town Unofficial Announcement

Will move over the comment when @Saltypatra does the post or fixes the error that caused the delay in the post.

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Tinker Town
Like too many before it (not all factions but a few)
Gimmicky > Strategy

If Mr. Fawkner was still around to see this he’d be ashamed.
I’m convinced that 505 has been weekend at Bernie’s(ing?) him at least since 4.7 was released.
giphy - 2020-08-28T095004.299

Rest in gems old wise one. Assuming 505 hasn’t grave robbed you of your gem stash… yet.

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I thought that to start with, but consider a combination of Tink Steamwhistle and Lust…

Sounds great outside of the event.
I have no issues with the troops being apart of GoW.
I take issue with them being apart of the Delve system. Where it literally rewards keeping all your troops alive for 4 matches (at least).
Or getting lucky and summoning the exact same troops you started with. That’s too much RNG for my taste.

Just buy 30 Tier VIIs and you’re fine. Easiest faction ever.


Still works for full renown regardless of what gets resummoned. Just tested it at 100 and I got stuck with a bunch of detect-o-bits like Idle, even though that’s not what I went in with. It shouldn’t work, if the game were coded more thoughtfully, but this favors the player so meh I won’t fight it.

Also officially hate the slowness of the team for costing me a valraven when I couldn’t for the life of me kill it with my detect-o-bots before Ysabelle could power up the bird.

But I guess that just means I won’t have to play as much of the game this overladen weekend :man_shrugging:


It didn’t for me.
Did level 100 with a full faction team that summoned different troops. Got 20 renown for my effort.
Did it again at 110 just to see if I could get lucky and I did… resummoned the exact same troops. Got…

I give a 15% chance that I lost a troop on the last battle on the final cast and didn’t notice it though.
Playing on Android but it shouldn’t matter in terms of platform.

Easier than Amanithrax?

That is weird. I wouldn’t think it’s a platform issue, Android vs. Xbox, but who knows? :man_shrugging:

Or maybe they saw my post and ninja-fixed it. Doubt a change would be so quick, and could believe a fix was underway before anyone said anything, but again :man_shrugging:

This is a really fun and interesting delve… /s

Finally killed enemy Steamwhistle using Destruct-o-bot. Lost one to self-destruct and thankfully got it back. Pure faction is literally impossible without Destruct-o-bot because Smash-o-bot only targets first enemy troop. I suppose if you managed to get his armor to 1000 and he never self-destructed he would chew through enemies, but it’s much more consistent to deal triple damage off and on with Destruct-o-bot.

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I messed up big time at pure 500. I figured I would lose steamwhistle in middle rooms so I went with 3 of them. I also forgot about electro storm and went with the wrong banner. Reached boss room with 3 whistles and immediately aimed to sacrifice 1. Had opponent whistle down to about 200 health twice and the storm just kept him rebuilding his strength. You need him to summon the R\Y guy to block his mana and need a R\Y and maybe R\B guy in your team to break him down. In 1 hour 40 (1st attempt pure) I never once summoned this combo in the 1st hour. Whistle enemy was impossible. When the combo landed and whistle was double blocked on yellow it got kicking and down he went. Don’t use 3 whistles like I did. At most use 2 and have 1 P2. Sacrifice it during the final fight and you will be good to go.

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Took me 45 minutes to win.

If only the potions allowed the devs time to actually test this bull shit. Rather than just think of it.

Detect-o-bot tends to be summoned a lot.
The “15%” tends to kick in a lot.
And as always…a level 500 troop that’s a summoner for the AI in the 4th position is complete bull shit when there’s not a way to reliably target it. You give us 1 troop that can target it. But then force us to play Russian roulette with a 7 slot cylinder and 1 bullet.

If y’all can’t figure out how to retain players, at least stop trying to kick them out the door.
I just got the delve to 2500. I should be happy… instead I’m just frustrated and annoyed because I bought Tier 7, 10 times because I don’t have time for 45 minute matches this weekend.

For months the players confessed how bad these Delves are for their mental health. You pretended to hear them. And instead of helping. You added shit to be more of a strain.

Whoever or whomever is behind all this bull shit at 505 Games. You make Donald Trump look good.
This isn’t a political post. It’s to make you realize what a horrible person you or y’all are.


I also noticed that Detect-o-bot was summoned more often than other 2 troops. Is there some dependece on the rarity? Does Vanya Soulmourn summon with the same rate? Draugr must be the most summoned troop from Silver Necropolis.

Good post and it’s exactly right.

We do not need any more gimmickery or any more gimmick troops in the game that are just designed for tomfoolery.

Keep factions hard, keep them a challenge but don’t make them torturous and gimmicky to make battles so long. We have said why.

They are designed with £$€ in mind, make players spend more to get past the extra RNG.

I’m sure they can do the £€$ without resorting to the tomfoolery. Just make them hard, but fun, and a method to win with good play/luck etc.

They changed the summon rate from 10% to 15% recently as well…

Sadly, unless someone comes on here next week and changes the troops, the only thing they seem interested in is the volume of gems and cash spent, not the players.

Like the threads about medals. Medals are not a qol issue. They should be set to teams by default before that patch created them. The medals are for the players to play, not for them to be designed like so to thwart gameplay.

It’s as if no-one plays the game.

Games are for playing - not being denied a basic interface. These things tick players off, when a simple design decision before release could have happened and we wouldn’t even need the discussion.

Aren’t medals great etc. Right now it’s - don’t play the world event because of being sniped. I played my first GW battle Tuesday with 2 blooming badges…

Back on topic… The chances of changes are like Glutmaw not devouring you on first cast in factions… :grinning:


Detect o bot is a great example of slowing ambitious players who just want to get it done. .

Yet another “without potions you’re screwed” faction. Enough already. But hey less than a dozen left.

Because they don’t.

They’ve already explained that it’s just a job for them, and that playing the game in their free time would be like taking their job home with them.

They’ve also stated that Delves, and World Events, are optional, and not intended to be played by all but the most dedicated (I read that as addicted) players.

Also, completing Guild Elite tasks were explained in a similar tone…only the most dedicated Guilds would benefit from completing Mythic Tasks.

“If you hate the game that much, just leave”. I have, except on GW weeks. I don’t like leaving things half-assed, and my Guild hasn’t yet conquered Krystara. It’s taking as long as a Stonesong Eyrie battle with unending Harpy spawns.


Me: “They couldn’t possibly make something worse than the gnolls.”
GoW Devs: “Hold my bear(Yes, bear, because it’s a dropbear). I’m gonna end my own carreer…”


I don’t understand the complaints, this was one of less painful faction runs for me. A bit lengthy on the last fight, but nowhere near as frustrating as some others.


45 minutes for one match… When using Tier 7, 10 times… If that’s not abnormal to you then I’m sorry about your experience.
It’s that and having GW (Bracket 1 so I know no one cares) and a world event.

The rest should be pretty clear.