Tinker Town Unofficial Announcement

My entire last run was about 30 minutes, probably less. Using the same team you had, 6 potions of power, hoard lvl 150. Maybe I got really lucky this time, maybe you were very unlucky. Hard to say which experience is the norm.

For me, the faction team was not great, but I never came close to losing with it, or at least it didn’t feel like it. Whereas in the past, I had to try 500 pure multiple times and with some factions, I just gave up and I might never go back to them.

My review: I didn’t hate it.


Very easy at level 500 with 5 Potion of Power. Used Destruct-o-Bot to target enemy Steamwhistle. Killed him in 1 min 30 seconds (timer shows a bit higher, had trouble getting a screenshot). Game ended very quickly after that. My run at level 400 with pure faction took much longer to finish because the enemy Steamwhistle started getting casts off and I didn’t have Destruct-o-Bots going into the fight and got unlucky with the triple damage. But when it works, it works.

Because you had favorable RNG.

You either didn’t lose many troops or you casted the 66% of the troops that are decent for the Faction.

For every player who gets really lucky. There will be a player who gets really unlucky.

I understand it’s necessary for chests. I want it the Frank out of Factions.

No idea what the fuss is, this is so easy… with 5x potions :smile: First try

I started with Smash, Destruct x2, Tink - Destructs loops well.
2 Tinks just slows things down too much and gives you no damage to work with when you have 1 Detect and 1 Smash/Destruct.

In the 3rd room. you want to take maybe 2 troops and let the others live, until you can replenish with mix of Smash/Destruct - not Detect, keep casting till that one explodes
In the boss room 5-6 Smashes kills Tink I think.
When a troop dies, don’t replace it right away, save Tink so that he can replenish 2 at a time (if RNG is bad, you end up with 1 only - but I’ll take that risk).

I think this is basically the case, because at around level 450ish it took me 20 minutes to finish the boss, but at 500, I finished the boss in 2 minutes (with only 3 more potions worth of stats – but with triple damage on Destruct-o-Bot, that adds up a lot).

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Normally I would do a pure run at 100, 200 etc along the way. But my 100 run took far longer than I was happy with due to enemy steam whistle getting off cast after cast after cast and me not getting triple damage. That fight took at least 20 minutes so I didn’t go pure again until 500. The same thing happened and it took over an hour before I started to profit from favourable RNG. I hated that last fight. I have fallen behind with wars, event and other stuff I would normally do. So much for a relaxing Sunday.


it took 40 mins for me, the boss battle alone took 38 ish minute, 36min to kill tinker… i made a mistake carrying 2 tinkers

this faction might be doable outside of new faction weekend, this is a plus compared to the difficulty of stonesong eyre, sunken fleet, etc…

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Speaking of self destruct chances - this is what I have amassed so far.


The simple fact they made troops that can kill themselves, for no gain, literally tells me that this is the general direction of the game: Keep making stupid stuff and see at what point the game will manage to end itself.


I like the design of the troops actually. They are incredibly powerful when you look at them.

  • Explodes all red gems, deals boosted damage
  • Gives all troops 1/4th of their mana, loops itself easily if enemy has full mana
  • 50% chance to deal triple damage to any troop

I like Dr. Pepper. I don’t like it in my cereal.


Aw come on. Detect o bot within a faction set up is arguably the most ridiculous faction troop ever. It stalks you ando wastes valuable time that we need for other stuff. It has potential elsewhere I suppose but the limits on having enemy troops ready to go make it a choice u are unlikely to make

None of those effects is necessary to the game, and instead of looking for unique and interesting things to put into the faction they decided to give us that plus a chance of losing a troop.

It’s not like playing with the Bombots, for example, where sacrificing them serves a purpose. We just have troops with some supposedly strong effects with a chance of being single cast.

If the developers would want to make something new without putting too much effort into the faction and still keep this theme of “malfunctioning inventions” they could have made something like:

  • The troops have a chance of causing specific negative stats on themselves like:
    • Overheating engines = The troop is now burning.
    • Short Circuit = The troop Manaburn itself.
    • System failure = The troop is now Silenced.
  • Then, the Legendary troop from the faction could remove such specific status and grant a boon to the affected troops:
    • Cleanse all ally constructs, if they were Burning grant them Enraged.
    • Cleanse all ally constructs, if they were Silenced grant them Barrier.

This would make it a neat addition for other construct teams with troops from Adana while keeping the faction at least a bit interesting.


I disagree in itself the self destruct isn’t a bad thing unless whistle summons the ridiculous and useless detect o bots. This faction requires a specific combo and bots killing themselves can facilitate this. Once you get the right combo it’s a done deal

My point is exactly that: Why design something contrived with too many chances of backfiring instead of going for a good design direction in the first place?

There is no reason at all to do that UNLESS to add another artificial challenge/obstacle to max out a delve! We are not in a design path where things are meant to be played with strategy, we are in a design rollercoater filled with tons of RNG traps and mindless extra clicks trapdoors to sabbotage the player’s agency!


The devs just want every opportunity they can muster to drag out the game and show us the finger. I can’t think of any other motive behind the design of this faction

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