Timing on event announcements


Now that the daily, and presumably weekly, reset is many hours earlier, will there still be a window between when the next event is announced and when it hits the live server/client? I know some people liked to use that window as a chance to process the new rewards and to decide whether to spend more glory on the old rewards or save the glory for the new ones.



That’s a really good point, Lyaa, we’ll try to make sure there’s an 8 hour window if possible.


If you have an option, 12 hours would really be better.

I say 12 hours because of those players with early AM resets. If the reset is at 6AM local, a player should not have to wait until 10 PM to make decisions. I’m thinking mainly for school age players who should be sleeping/prepping for class on Mondays and not holding off to see what the troop will be.

I’m not sure if there is a significant portion of the player base that hits the timings for my theoretical student, where they are excited enough about GoW to shift their wake/sleep schedules. I just know I hated setting an alarm for 2 AM to shield hop.

As the reset approaches, I’m floating this again.

Getting notification about the next week’s troop (and arcane) is really handy.

Bumping this thread. The new event is like six hours away now!

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+1 for this. Reset is 8am UK time, which means announcement comes at midnight. I left school 35 years ago, but I still need to be in bed well before midnight.

Given that the current event reset time is 5pm in Sirrian’s home time zone, asking for 12 hours of notice is a little bit harsh on his sleep schedule.

17 hours is probably more workable, but that still requires everything to be put in place over the weekend, so that the announcement can come at midnight on Sunday.

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