Timely Tribute Reminders

On this week’s official Gems of War stream, someone made an excellent quality of life suggestion. Unfortunately, I don’t feel it was properly understood, so here’s an explanation of why it was such an amazing suggestion.

The Idea
When a new tribute becomes available, let the player know with one of those side-of-the-screen pop-ups that currently appear when mail arrives or a portrait is unlocked or the daily quest is completed.

The Reasoning
A huge part of progressing in Gems of War (probably the majority of time spent in the game) is grinding for Class XP, Souls, Traitstones, Gold, … That usually involves playing hundreds of battles in a row without ever returning to the map screen. (This is something I doubt any of the developers have ever experienced – which makes perfect sense, as they don’t have time, being busy working on the game.)

While we’re grinding, the game does not currently provide any notification when our Tribute is available. So despite the fact we’re playing the game, we actually get less Tribute than we would if we were in chat with the tribute icon visible, not actually playing at all. This doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Fortunately, one of the recent updates introduced the ability to show on-screen notifications at the moment when some goal is achieved. This is in the form of an animated, flag-like box on the right side of the screen, accompanied by an audio cue. These usually appear when we complete the daily quest, gain a goal-oriented portrait (eg: reaching level 100), or receive mail.

In my opinion, it makes perfect sense to link hourly Tributes to this alert system.

It would also make a lot of sense to link the guild-wide, PvP-triggered Pet Rescue to this alert system. The standard Pet notification system was recently upgraded (strangely, without any announcement) to trigger on more game states, but it still doesn’t trigger as frequently as we would like.


Yes please!

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Not to diminish the QoL request by the OP, but just wanted to point out that at least on PC and Mobile, players do have the option for the game to send an alert to a supported web brower (PC) or as a push notification (Mobile).

Consoles can send the notification via the above methods to a PC browser or a mobile device, although that is cumbersome I will admit.

I think I remember the question being asked on stream. Salty wasn’t against it, but I think she had doubts about it being green-lighted given that there is the above system already in place and that the gold icon appears over the Underworld button when tribute is ready to be collected already which already serves that function.


It already is linked. Otherwise, any time you finish a battle and a rescue is started you’re prompted.
It sounds like you’re having issues with Notifications more than anything else.

Is it different on PC?

I just don’t see how this isn’t sufficient enough. Since it’s still “on screen” makes “a sound” and because it’s on my phone… makes a vibration as well.

yeah, would be nice to have in-game notification instead of relying on third party web browser.

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(All Notifications are from an outside company).

I usually can tell when I’m getting a tribute, usually the ai gets a jaw dropping chain out of nowhere to destroy my team in a single move
After that happens, I look, and lo and behold, 90% of the time I have a tribute waiting Lol
The first couple times, I thought I was crazy, but after 50+ times, I’m positive that for some unexplainable reason, it’s true
I now don’t do events unless I know the tribute isn’t coming
It’s pretty weird, I told my one friend, and then he noticed the same thing happening
Anyone else have this experience?

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… Yes.
But this has nothing to do with the OP.
The AI does seem to be more difficult when tribute becomes available than when it’s not.

Yeah, not trying to derail the thread, I agree with it
Just didn’t care enough to create a whole thread over my experience, as I can generally avoid it

Yes, when I have a tribute turn up I get a ping on my Android Mobile.

Although it is a bit annoying that I can’t set a specific alert for it by default, but I’ve downloaded a 3rd party app that recognises where the alert is coming from and lets me change the standard notification tone to a different one so I know it’s a Tribute :+1:

You don’t have this option?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, it only allows me to have the GoW notifcation as the standard notifcation sound which is the same for text messages etc.

But that means if I’m busy, I have to stop and check to see if it’s actually a text which I need to pay attention to or just a Tribute which I could have ignored if I’m doing something more important.

By using another app I can change the GoW notification to another sound, but it would be better if I could pick a specific sound by default.

I think this is more for console gamers. On xbox i have never been able to get the notifications to work.

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It’s definitely different on PC, @awryan.

I play on PC and on iPad. I have notifications set up on an Android phone for Pet Rescue and Tribute only.

I don’t have notifications set up on PC or iPad because they don’t really work, in my experience. That said, I haven’t really experimented much. I believe the PC alerts require an external browser to work, as someone mentioned. And iPad alerts have never drawn my attention.

My phone alert is basically just a tone. It’s easy not to hear it, or to forget about it from the middle of a battle. While it’s great to look up the time of your last tribute on a separate device, it tends not to work at all if I’m playing on PC.

Honestly, though, it’s kind of weird to rely on an external program or device to get alerts about something that’s happening in a game that I’m playing at exactly that time!

On top of that, you can’t even access a Pet Rescue until after doing certain things. It used to be starting the game or completing a match, but they recently expanded it slightly. Pet Rescues still don’t get pushed, though. For example, if you’re chatting in Global, you won’t be able to start the rescue (or even see it) until you play a match or change menus or something (the triggers are a bit nebulous).

Anyway, Tribute and Pet Rescue alerting are separate issues, with different factors involved. Regardless, I stand by my original suggestions.

PS: Just tried to enable web alerts on my PC. The game won’t let me select which alerts I get! ffs

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If you play one account on 3 devices then all the devices need to have Notifications turned on. Otherwise you’ll get screwy results.

It won’t at all? It’s all or nothing? Or do you select the subcategories by clicking on or off for the main categories?

Yeah, couldn’t access alert settings beyond the global on/off on the PC. I can now (after a restart, I guess). But I still haven’t received a single alert in Firefox.

It also turns out I’ve had alerts turned on on my iPad, all along, but have never actually received one.

IMO, the bottom line is that, with the current alerts system, it is a frequent occurrence to be playing the game and have no idea that Tribute is available. That’s just incomprehensible.

Do… you… Have…alerts… enabled…on… every… device… you… Play…on?

Yes, @awryan. And they don’t work at all on two of the three. Sheesh.