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Push Notifications (Mobile Alerts)

As many of you noticed this morning, Gems of War now has push notifications on iOS and Google Play. If you want to receive these alerts, you must have notifications enabled on your device.


When first launching the game, it asks if you would like to enable Notifications. From there, you can enable/disable them by going to Settings > Notifications > Gems of War and setting your preferences.


On Android, Notifications are generally enabled by default when you install the game. To change this, go to Settings > Notifications. You can then toggle Gems of War notifications there.
Settings Menu > Alerts

Available Alerts

You also have control over enabling or disabling alerts from the Settings menu in the “Alerts” tab. Here you have several options:

  • Enable Alerts: If this is ticked, you are opting in to receiving alerts. If it is not, then you won’t receive any and the other options will be greyed out.
  • General Alerts: Contains reminders to play if you have been inactive for more than 24 hours.
  • Events: Alerts for when a live event starts, such as Raid Boss, Invasion or Pet Rescue.
  • PvP: Informs you of when you have PvP rewards to collect from your defence battles.
  • Guild: Alerts you of a Guild War. Also informs of Pet Rescues triggered by your Guild (as long as Events is also enabled)

If you have any other notifications you’d like to see, please let us know and we can see what we can do in future updates. :slight_smile:


Please find some more detailed instructions on this process on the help center.

Notifications are not currently available on Amazon devices, the team plans to add this functionality in the future. We will add some screenshots and more exact instructions for specific descriptions soon.


Did your morning coffee wear off?

Edit: Kicked back in!

Hourly tribute collection reminder
This would be great for when not playing as well as when playing


Will any of these features be available for console editions, so that we can be alerted if we’re doing something else on the console, such as playing another game, or using another application (eg : Netflix) ?


Updated :slight_smile:

This, yes this, You can remove all others besides pet rescue and put this in as replacement, and ill be happy.

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When adding new notifications, can you please please please try not to bundle too many under the same categories. Notifications are a great idea. I’d rather not see them cheapened or made less useful if we have to accept unwanted notifications just to get the few we want to receive. The more we can control them individually the better!

Thanks for the new feature!


Agree with @vanyel. At least, a “Pet from Guilds” which doesn’t depend of the “Events” (what the purpose of this one?).
Maybe a “Dungeon” alert can be useful.

And +1 for the “Tribute” alert (there could be a spamming issue…).

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Swap out the PvP defense rewards alert to a tribute alert would be far more useful.

Nobody needs to be notified to come pick up your reward of 1 glory and pittance of gold lol. Especially as defense rewards stack and can be picked up in bulk whenever you log in next.


Any notification linked to defence battle rewards should be scrapped. They are already spam as it is comng up so frequently between PvP battles - it woukd be better if these PvPdefence rewards only came up when you collected a tribute.


I would like the events part be a bit more granular. Most of them are on easy to learn schedule and don’t need a notification. I’d prefer it be all signal, no noise - for me that would be “pet rescues only” option.


Is there a way we can customise the Notification Sound?

At the moment I only get the usual alert from my phone which I get if someone texts me, so I have to check to see if it’s something important (alright, more important!).

If I could use a different sound, I can just decide to look at it later when it’s convenient.

We’re not getting this on Xbox :sob:

But… We can get xbox notifications on PC and mobile, though I don’t think games can push to them.

Hahaha neverrrrr.

On android one 8.0 i only have 2 categories in notifications - default and notification…no idea which of them does what.
And yes, please get rid of pvp defence reward notifications, utterly useless and annoying!

I don’t have any notifications for GoW after 4.1 update.
In game is all on (checked), and on device is all on for GoW app.
I’m was try to reinstall the game, but it did not help…
Android 8.0