Explanation of new alert options (or alerts are broken in 4.1?)

First, thanks to Infinity Plus Two for making alerts much more granular. I love all the new options. I just don’t seem to know how they work.

Here is the old support center article:

It used to be the case that to get notifications about pet rescues, I needed to have “Alerts”, “Guild Alerts”, and “Pet Rescues” checked. This is no longer the right combination of options, since I have missed many pet rescues lately without any sort of push notification.

Please help me figure out what needs to be checked so I can hear when my guild mate pops a Pet Gnome.


The PR alerts aren’t working correctly since 4.1 was released. I wasn’t sure of it until now.

Im not 100% sure but i think you need to check the “Pet rescues from guildmate” box. “Pet rescues” only notifies you about tuesday pet event

Edit: now that i think about it, i havent got any alerts since 4.1 either. Something must be broken. And i should go to bed

I have all of them checked. Reinstalled app 2 times. No alerts since 4.1.

Didn’t get a single alert. Mind you, I know if I start a PR. It doesn’t send an alert.
There was also a PR that I woke up to that didn’t get posted.

Is it related to this known issue on Patch note?

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This may be it? I sure as heck had alerts enabled in 4.0, so unless Sirrian meant “if you ever disabled all alerts” I don’t think it applies to me. I guess I will try disabling/re-enabling alerts and see if that fixes it.

My request about updating the help center article still stands, Cyrup!


I’m unsure. Are you asking for greater help center article explanations or the game to better explain what alerts involve?

p.s Alerts not being received at all was fixed recently
Not including the other issue mentioned in patch notes

I wasn’t getting alerts about pet rescues, so I saw two potential reasons: (1) alerts were broken, or (2) I needed to enable a specific set of options. If it was choice (1), then there was nothing I could do except mention it and hope you could fix the problem. If it was choice (2), then I needed someone to tell me what to toggle. The help center was not useful in this regard, because it had not been updated to refer to the new options yet.

However, I now get pet rescue alerts. My problem is solved. The help center, however, still shows a screenshot of the old Alert tab. And if there is a page that explains the current options, I could not find it easily just now. So I was mentioning “update help center” as an item to put on the to-do list with low priority.