Tribute Collection

I noticed that after the update to Unity …
… Tribute won’t show up until the game is refreshed - which means playing a battle or entering guild wars.
Before - the game refreshed itself at 1hr mark - showing the tribute immediately.

This isn’t as important as other features… But could we get some sort of notification when Tribute is awarded? Or the same refresh feature as before? Because if I keep waiting for tributes without playing - nothing will happen. I won’t get it ever.

And exiting after every single battle just to see if I got one isn’t appealing. Especially if I can’t “take a break” after 1 hour to wait for my tribute, because if I finish my battle 10 seconds before the tribute should appear - I won’t see it. And in that case - we are back to checking tribute after each PvP battle.


You can also check your ingame mail to force a refresh, faster.

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This is what we’ve been doing on console for as long as I can remember now…

Somtimes just clicking around will cause it to appear, sometimes going into the mail screen and out will… might also matter if there are other rewards (PvP, guild tasks) waiting. Adobe version almost seems like it doesn’t need a separate server contact to show the flashing gold and that the client will just show that one hour after the last tribute, but also occasionally spits out “fake” collects if the game was lagging when you click back into it and the timing was off. Adobe version also doesn’t need to show the flashing gold to even collect, as if you use a timer and are quick enough to start clicking, you can collect the second it becomes available by clicking on the kingdom. This would imply almost constant server contact, but there is never the “spinning gems server contact pause” either, so I’m not sure.

Maybe they are trying to reduce server contacts and this would be one way to do it, but it is really annoying not having that feedback as to whether tributes are ready or not without setting up my own out of game timer. Have the tribute display timer controlled by the client, have its state constantly iterated in the client (this should not be noticeable on the player end), and have the tributes make the server contact to be paid out after they are clicked on.


That would be perfect!

On PS4, sometimes when I am just clicking around the main map when I know I am around the 1 hour mark, I will sometimes see the 6-gem loading ring flash on the screen momentarily, which makes me wonder if our version is sort-of doing what you describe. The collection icon won’t actually pop unless you ping the server somehow, but it always pops for me if I ping the server after I see the loading ring.

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Not sure if clicking the mail worked for me.
… I remember several things. Checking kingdoms, Troop List, Settings … None of these worked.

I either have to enter the guild (wars) tab or play a game. Entering a PvP tab and getting back didn’t work.

… So you guys say mail - it is?

Yes we do! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a huge lot to all of you guys!
You all were a great help!

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Yep, thats exactly what I’m seeing. We never had that six gem loading flash on the map before the income collect indicator would appear. If servers were acting up, we had the six gem loader at the time of collect and I would have to wait until I could get a connection to go through to actually collect. Also, if I severely bottleneck my internet in the current unity version (say, by simultaneously attempting to upload two videos), the loading indictor will still just “flash”, but I will be unable to do anything for several seconds. Pretty clear this is a server contact. If I get this, it usually means I don’t have to “force” it with mail, and also any exisiting PvP or mail rewards will start flashing. Also, the income indicator only appears a few seconds after this loading wheel, to the point where if I know tributes are coming because it has been an hour and I triggered the contact, if I click on the kingdom before the income indicator appears, it still wont give me tributes. I have to see that loading ring, not do anything to wait a couple seconds for gold to appear on my kingdom, THEN click it. Yeah, totally first world problems, but it never was an issue before for us.

Basically, even though I’m at a computer all day, I switch my account to Nox to collect tributes when I’m not actively playing because it both gives me the feedback of the flashing gold at the correct time when I peek at the window (so I don’t always have to set a timer, I can go off nearest quarter hour checks) and I can just tab in, click once, and tab out. Having a multi-step process to collect tributes is murder on my focus when I’m trying to work, so I hope this gets fixed before mobile gets the Unity port.

Mail has worked most of the time for me. PvP only works if I initiated a server contact (battle, defense team switch, rewards). Server contact seems to be the thing. If you have a slow or spotty connection, you may have to wait a few seconds on the map or try again. Unity wants to verify that the tributes exist before clicking, Adobe seemed to do it only after clicking.

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I open a gold chest after an hour if it’s not refreshed. That works.

To add the the discussion - I witnessed 2 different 6-gem loading circles.
… The small one used to communicate with the game (only?) - which didn’t help, and a big one that appears when opening mail or starting up a game - which turns out to be successful.
If it is of any help.

Thank you very much, everyone. Mail seems to work.

Entering any menu and leaving seems to work for me.

(I think they did that to prevent players from using scripts to collect tributes while they’re away?)