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(Fixed) Alerts are not received for Pet Rescues and Tributes

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android S9+

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Notifications for pet alerts and tributes haven’t worked for at least 2 hours prior to this post.


My tribute was available at least 20 minutes ago.
I just now got an alert for it.

Despite me already collecting it 20 minutes prior.

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Same here, probably for 4 or 5 hours now

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Hey @awryan I’m just changing your title so it’s more helpful to us and others looking for help in bug reports.

Can you please confirm if you have force quit and restarted the game since this issue started? Please also let me know what the notification settings are for Gems of War in your Android?

@jzg what is your platform?

Just did a force quit.

Will let you know in 16 minutes if I get alerted for my tribute.
Also, a mix bag of PC and mobile players.

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No alert @Cyrup even after the forced restart.

Android 7.0 for me. They were working fine both on my phone and on windows, then they started being late more and more every hour


Same thing for me both on phone (Samsung S8+) and on pc.
At first always on time, then late for about 30 mins and now nothing

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And just now I got a tribute notification both on my phone and on pc at the same time but there is no tribute to collect. That’s probably for the last hour, but around 50 minutes late or so

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Maybe all alerts are ruled by the RNG now?


my alerts on Mobile Android 7.0 for specifically the Tribute do not come at a time that is related when the tribute is actually available. i will try to track this going forward to see if its off by a set amount or coming at non hour intervals from collecting.

My alerts are a mess as well…

I’m on a new pixel 3 (android 9 - Pie) and my alerts are a disaster. I get alerts hours later or just now I got 3 alerts in less than 2 minutes for tributes which I had just collected about 5 minutes prior. I haven’t gotten an alert for a pet rescue that was within the one hour window which is pretty frustrating.

I have forced restart and rebooted as well.

Hi everyone, this issue should now be resolved, please force quit and reopen your game to fix this. Thank you for your help @awryan


Thanks @Cyrup. i can confirm my last 2 Tribute notifications happened when a tribute was actually available :slight_smile:. this is an amazing new feature!

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Fantastic! :smiley: :confetti_ball: