Time Limited Game Content

So with the release of old weapons and the paywall on 33 of them, and then the question on Saltys stream about time limited pets (July 4th pet etc) I have a suggestion that might help appease some players.

Currently to upgrade kingdoms we need:


Of those, Weapons and Pets are linked to time limited events, that unless you are playing at that particular time, you will not get it. This then makes a cap on kingdom upgrades, either now or in the future, that means newer players will never get to the same level as older players, ignoring the old grandfathering system, purely due to when they started playing the game and the content they missed out on that was limited time.

The way I personally see this issue, there are 3 solutions:

  1. Remove the kingdom link for these pets and weapons.
    This way, the people who missed out on them, will no longer have to worry about them for kingdom purposes and will be able to get them, if available (weapons only currently) for real cash in a gotta catch em all type mindset.

  2. Remove them from the Kingdom power progression.
    This achieves the same thing, but without them there is no real replacement for kingdom power progression, and therefore causing other issues with balance. Not the best idea, but it is an option all the same.

  3. Add them to the game in other ways for F2P players with an option to buy them via flash sales earlier.
    Making money is something that is needed to keep the game alive. Plenty of people donate to the game, and plenty play for free. Others buy small things when they can to help the devs, not because they need the items, but because it helps support a great game. Buying a pack with a weapon/pet in it, that will be out in a month+ is a decent draw. They get the pet/weapon that they want, earlier than everyone else which then lets them use them, get bonus’s or upgrade kingdoms earlier. Plus they get keys/gems/whatever else is in the pack as well. Those that cant/dont want to buy the packs, can then still get the same content later on. Yes people will be patient and wait, but there will also be a large amount of people in the “gotta have it now” type mindset that will spend the money if they can.

While I dont expect this to happen now, or even soon really, it is something for devs to look into, especially with all kingdoms having a class in the next 9 months, and almost all kingdoms having a mythic already I believe the kingdom powers will be limited based solely on amount of troops upgraded and what pets/weapons you have and have upgraded them.