Old Cosmetic Pet Rescue

Noticed when the old cosmetic pet events came into the game taransworld.com listed them in upcoming events. Next week should have another one seeing as it’s another open weekend but there is no event listed. Just curious to know if I’ve missed something or it just wasn’t posted.

I do see they have one in today’s flash sale. I hope this is how they’re doing it going forward. If you really want useless pets spend a little. It doesn’t kill everyone’s day of finding pets. If this is how they’re doing it going forward I applaud them!

As a free to play player I completly disagree but if that is the case it is what it is. Since pets are tied to kingdom power progession I think it’s a poor move to put that behind a pay wall.

Up to now, no kingdom is behind a paywall and most have allready enough non cosmetic pets for 20 Stars.

I see your point. I guess I’m just advocating for the F2P players out there who still wish to be able to unlock things. Call it GoW OCD but I hate seeing items that are pretty much never going to be obtainable. I may be the minority here as a VIP 0 so i understand this opinion isn’t going to be a majority opinion but I still think everything should be obtainable even if it takes years. I thought the cosmetic pet rescues were a great idea on the weekend where nothing else was going on.