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Cosmetic Only Pets - A discussion

Let’s talk about Cosmetic Only Pets. Even though the designs are good the lack of bonuses are a waste of sheer potential and creative ideas. The devs are more focused on microtransactions with Shrines and Warbands than anything else. Let’s Look at “Love Panda”, Devs could have put an All team, Gold, or Soul bonus (Up to 3x max based on pet level) that only in effect on 14th February each year, Similarly with Holiday Shrub that only in effect 25th December each year. All I’m asking for is someone on dev team to have some creative foresight when designing future “Cosmetic only” pets, could get some feedback or ideas from players here in future.


I was about to rebuke your idea because it would turn the game into P2W, but then I actually finished reading.

I completely agree that a limited time resource boost would be awesome. Any stat boost would be iffy because that would put those who did acquire the pet, be it through money or longevity, would be at an advantage, however minor it would be. But resource boost, especially limited time, would surely trigger FOMO and encourage people to play more, so wins all around.

Of course, limited time and FOMO were discussed in another thread about trophies and healthy playstyles. But I think we can agree that people will play their own way, with or without a limited time event.

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And, as someone’s just mentioned in another thread, their only real purpose seems to be to try to goad Completists into spending money on buying Gems to max them out before it’s too late and you’re stuck with a non-mythic pet that is no good for anything else.

I have no idea what the cost would be to code a pet to give a bonus one day a year. And the actual return on the investment it would be. But one would have to assume if the devs could make money from it they would do it… And if they aren’t doing it… It’s because their research says they wouldn’t make a significant amount. 🤷
(Or they haven’t thought of such an idea and this should be under Feature Requests.)