PLEASE Enough with the Pets that do NOTHING

I am so tired of seeing in the weekly Pet rescue - pets that do not contribute Any stats/bonus or bennies to the teams.

I didn’t mind the cute holiday ones, and the birthday ones but this growing number of pets that do nothing is really lame.

AT LEAST make the pets do something for the game. Not like that is hard for you to do if you have code templates for pets.


Agreed, but I don’t think the issue would be solved with the effectless pets being changed to give +1 to all stats for some useless troops.

In my opinion the least that a cosmetic pet gives should be a global bonus to exp or gold, even if its 0.1% per cosmetic pet level.


You can think of a very large number of positive effects for pets. For example, I have already suggested making an effect on a pet that will increase the chance of getting a Hoarder Mimic. Or the chance of hatching from the egg of a dragon whose copies are the least (or not at all). Or increasing the chances of rarer troops falling out of chests. It is even possible for each type of chest of a separate pet. Or a pet that reduces the cost of crafting in the forge of souls. Or increasing rewards in the dungeon. Or giving crumbs of dragonite for defeating all the bosses, regardless of the perfect run in the Dungeon. Or increasing gold income from cities. Or souls. Or glory.


I would disagree with this suggestion, and I assume, a lot of other players would as well.
Cosmetic event pets are meant to do nothing. You own them. That’s the whole point. Even factoring them into kingdom power requirements seems to much for my taste.

There are two ways to get cosmetic pets. The limited time event and cash offers. Event pet saturdays are gone for good, and there are clearly no intentions to make them freely available in any other way.
So any player, who did not catch or maximize an event pet, when it was available, would have to pay to get the advantages that you suggest.

I think, this is the first time, I see someone argueing to make this game more pay to win.


I think this is a good point. Cosmetic pets are hard to get, and expensive to max out. At least they “do nothing”, so someone who’s willing to buy them all up isn’t even more ahead of those that can’t/don’t want to.

Or, alternatively… pets that do something are normally available through pet rescues. If you add every cosmetic pet (currently released or just future ones) to the pool of possible pet rescues, it becomes that much more difficult to max out any specific pet through pet rescues alone.

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The cosmetic pests DO do something. They serve as a gem sink for a lot of players, particularly those of us higher up on the accumulation scale who might have more immediate concerns about satisfying those “level 20 pest” requirements for kingdom stars.

That last is why I keep an eye on upcoming cosmetic pests and budget my gems accordingly. Even to the point where I’ll pass up other purchases to be certain that I’ll have enough.


I think you missed my point.

Cosmetic pets are pay more to win - because they do nothing and cost to get them to mythic. And in some kingdoms - That’s the majority of the pets to get to the upper kingdom levels.

I am actually arguing to get rid of cosmetic (currently 63 are cosmetic pets verses 130 that are buff pets that contribute to the game)

I’m saving my time, gems and effort for things that benefit me in game.

Either way - I see more and more of the cosmetic pets for sale than I see the buff pets. I’m not going to spend money on something that does nothing for me in game - just to collect it.


“I am actually arguing to get rid of cosmetic (currently 63 are cosmetic pets verses 130 that are buff pets that contribute to the game)”

I would agree. I have no need for a pet that does nothing besides take up space in my collection. “Yay me! a pet that does nothing to augment playing!”

There isn’t a pet, useful or cosmetic, that i would be willing to spend REAL WORLD MONEY to acquire or upgrade. They don’t have enough of an effect, useful ones in this case, to have any worth in real money. Sorry.

Maybe you are missing my point.
Event pets can only be aquired through cash spending, and a lot of it (13 Dollar per mythic), once they are gone. The high gem spendings, that are necessary during their unique event are not much better. And then there are those event pets, that are only available for cash in the first place (through campaign). They should not even have influence on the kingdom level. And they sure should not provide additional further boni.

Try to explain to a new player, why old players can double, triple, quadruple their skills in a way, that they can only replicate by paying over fivehundred dollars.

I am scared, that this might be one of those suggestions, where the developers would be just too eager to listen to the community.

“Oh, you were not here, when it was free? Now, that’s bad luck, isn’t it. What was your credit card number again?”

I agree with your point that there shouldn’t be a pay to win system. Also, cosmetic pets shouldn’t count towards city power. But I think the original idea was for developers to stop releasing cosmetic pets.

It also annoys me that new pets are being introduced that improve one troop, and those that are not used anywhere. You can also come up with a large number of interesting bonuses, so that it would be interesting to collect pets.

You don’t even need to think for a long time: we found a place in the code where a random number is generated, here you can come up with a pet that will slightly improve the probability in favor of the player.

I’d love it if the cosmetic pets gave you a single gold, soul, or exp per battle at mythic level. Just some form of meager reward for having the dedication to track down all the copies needed. Progress toward kingdom levels is less and less relevant these days when it comes to needing pets thanks to all the troop-specific pets.

They do give stuff it says purple pet, they are just sometimes tooo lazy to put what the pet actually gives sometimes.

$13 to acquire it at mythic level. Sorry. No. I tend to think I’m better off NOT owning it at all. There are better uses for $13.

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Do you understand that there is no point in cosmetic pets as such? If they gave something … The developers have an incorrectly built economic model. For it to make any sense to buy cosmetic pets, there must be some kind of incentive, which at the moment is not. Cosmetic pets are bought only by enthusiasts or collectors. If they gave at least some small increase in power (I mean an increase and a buff to some characteristics), then the players would buy these pets even more. IMHO

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Yes, I do, hence why I posted this feedback request. 68 Event pets… — 68! I don’t mind the occasional holiday pet, but Tuesday Pet Rescue needs to be a pet that does something useful in game.

If they want to do a ‘Special event pet’ do like they are doing for the Lost Souls event.