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A Pet Question for the Devs

Are Cosmetic Pets ever going to be available in Daily Deals?

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Sadly YOU are mistaken.
They are needed to upgrade Kingdoms.
If you not a Developer or Moderator please keep your sorely misinformed opinions to yourself.
Can I please get an answer on this?


Exactly my point. Cosmetics just water down the pet pool and make pet boosting all the more impossible

Are you done?
Cause I believe, maybe I’m wrong here?
Did I ask for YOUR opinion?
Oh, that’s right, I did not.

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In relation to kingdom power, cosmetic pets are just as valuable as all other pets.

Good luck getting a dev answer, Planet13. They don’t usually answer such questions.

cosmetic pets are not even in the drop pool @Thevc

@MaddFrost Thank you.
@mitamata Duly noted. Does anyone know of a way to contact the Developers or how to speak to a moderator about this?
Thanks in advance

All you’re going to get is there are no plans at this time, but if you join Salty during one of her twitch streams you can ask.

Old holiday themed pets, even if they make a new one for the following year, are often either given or sold during the next year holiday.

If cosmetic pets are not in the pet pool then the OP is spot on. How can we progress kingdom power with one off pets? Even if introduced to daily deals its gonna take a long long time to make them mythic

Really surprised that they haven’t added cosmetic pets to Daily Deals yet.
Would be another way to encourage some players to use gems on them and possibly spend real money to buy more to increase kingdom power levels.
Much like they have done with normal pets and deeds in the deals.

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You can’t, and on purpose. They limit pets that you can ‘easily’ get to mythic so they can have the ‘get two pets too mythic’ kingdom requirement. It’s also why some gem rich players buy event pets to mythic through pet shop.

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