Feedback polls for the Kingdom Pass

I think we already gave them quite a bit of feedback on the event but maybe if they see some numbers, it will help?

This is just about the event structure (for now?).

What do you think about the event and chasing battle crashers in general?

  • I hate it
  • Meh, it’s fine
  • I love it

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What changes would you like to see (if rewards stay the same)?

  • Reduce battle crashers needed
  • Reduce duration of the event
  • Both of the above
  • Other (explain in comments)

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I’d personally like to add that giving us an old pet for kingdom reworks devalues the paid pass quite a bit - and it seems kind of lazy as well to be honest.

You could have added another troop boosting pet for example - there are enough troops in all kingdoms to do that, and the art can’t be that expensive.

You expect us to pay for the pass so make it worthwhile for everyone and not just very new players who don’t have the kingdom pets yet.


I could live with the current amount of battlecrashers required, if I didn’t have to go out of my way to collect them.

… but we won’t be seeing battlecrashers in World Events any time soon I guess, so alternatively:

  • increase the spawn chance and keep it constant all the way to 10, or
  • slash the number of crashers required, or
  • bad luck protection like normal games, no more than ~3-4 games without a crasher.

I personally feel that those who buy the kingdom pass should get 2 crowns per battlecrasher, therefore only needing to kill 5 battlecrashers to get the 10 crown daily limit. Otherwise, I’d say it’s meh.


I’m wondering why you recommend a solution for the P2W-community, if you dont like the way that event works at all.
I mean it just gives the company the confirmation to continue with their “poor development/design” of RNG-nonsense

If they would focus more on a good balancing of the game (aka troops, weapons, classes, enemy team setups and such things), fix annoying, forever lasting bugs, playtest before release new stuff aka bugs they would get way more money out of the community imo


I’m not the type that has to have everything as soon as it comes out, I get what I get and happy with it and will get the other stuff at a later time. I would like to see is a DAILY counter for total battle crashers gotten that day, so I don’t have to try to keep count when it can take a LOT of battles in between spawns. I know it’s 2 sets of 5, but it would make life easier to just see a total #/10 instead of #/5. I would also like the “buy level” button moved AWAY from the X button. It comes off to me that it is that close to get people to accidentally click it and waste their hard earned gems on purpose, and is a bad thing to do to your loyal players. Thanks for your consideration.


If chasing battlecrashers was the only thing I had to do, it wouldn’t rankle so much but the array of projects that need my attention this week is astronomical. It i no surprise folks burn out and new folks don’t stay. Playing a game should not require 8 hrs a day to keep up. I am finding things I enjoyed doing turning into tasks that make me wonder why I am in this game. i.e. dungeon, Kingdom pass, legend thing. Slow but sure draining of enthusiasm when everyone knows it is the people who hold long time players, not necessarily the game itself.


So bad and annoying event, I decided I won’t do it this time.
The idea to reduce the daily crowns required popped into my mind a couple weeks ago.
3 battle crashers per level, capped at 6/day would be much better.
Also a 100% spawn rate would be nice till I do not have the 6 daily crowns. This way one explore run would be enough.
I just won’t do 7+ explore runs just to collect the crowns for very lame rewards.


I don’t have any trouble with getting BCs. I just do Explore 1 until it’s done (usually like 5 runs or so).

But overall I think the event takes too long for no reason. By the last week, I’m pretty over it. They could collapse a lot of “rewards” and make it two or three weeks.

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I don’t have much to add to the other suggestions and criticisms. I feel the same way as many others, and I’m planning on skipping the grind this time. I’m at the point that I question why I still spend so much time on this game with its daily/weekly tasks, when I already quit every other game that I played with the same time limited events and grind. I definitely still enjoys parts of the game, but the grind is becoming exhausting.


My greatest complaint is the RNG on the BC spawns. Never, in any of these events has the final BC popped in under 40 exploration battles for me. I am currently on 60 today, still haven’t seen the 10th one.