Pets and the Kingdom Pass

As has been pointed out in another thread we have the silly situation this week of the weekly pet being the same ax handed out in the pass which makes no sense so this needs to be changed however the pass pet could be much better implemented. My thoughts are:

  1. Ensure kingdom pass pet and weekly pet rescue are never for the same pet.
  2. Ensure the kingdom pass pet is the most recent pet from the kingdom.

You could also make the KP pet a previous cosmetic one. Although I know people have many different views on the value of these other than compeletionists as they have a lower value now due to legends reborne events


The sheer laziness of again! not even implementing a “old/new” cosmetic pet for the kingdom pa$$ is astounding.
But if I truly think about it, my first three words in this posting fit the dev pattern well. So, what did I even expect… Seriously.


Yup, lazy. This kind of foolishness needs to change. Please put my money to good use. Other games I’ve put my money on are changing habits that make no sense. (Yes, that last sentence was a rant outta frustration) :man_shrugging::woman_facepalming:


They strive to lower the bar continually. They’ve already dug a pit under this limbo bar. If you think new levels cant be achieved, grab a drink and some popcorn and watch the shovelfest to achieve new lows.