Tier 7 Required for an Event troop

Raids - Tier 6
Invasions - Tier 6
Bounty - Tier 6
World Event (before they abandoned that idea) - Tier 6

All the guild events that allow the purchasing of special event related troops. Tier 6 will get enough copies to ascend the troop to mythic and you can use the troop in the event.

Meanwhile for Faction Assaults it requires Tier 7 just to get the troop to Legendary Ascension. Not even useable for the event.

Either this is bugged. (poorly tested prior to release.)

Or you don’t base your decisions on anything prior to the game and do not base decisions on anything other than greed.

I only did this today for example purposes.
Otherwise the gem cost far exceeds the cost of two minor ascension orbs.

Your ignorance makes you appear predatory if this is actually intended.

Predatory in the sense you try to take advantage of casual players lack of knowledge. And since many players spend money to get gems. There is a financial drive for this to be misleading. But for that 1% increase in income, you lose respect from players.

And here’s my 1 yearly reminder. You will gain way more money when players want to support you. Compared to players thinking you’ll steal their wallet if they look away for 5 seconds.

Currently, I wouldn’t leave my wallet in the room with any of you. And that definitely wasn’t the case 3 years ago.