The Gem Cost to Raise the Invasion Troop to Mythic has Increased

I’m not sure when this occurred but, I am surprised nobody has been on here expressing outrage. The cost has gone up substantially. Given that gem income has decreased over time (nerfed legendary tasks no longer give 100 gems and adventure board gives about 1/2 as many gems as daily tasks), this is a rough pill to swallow.

…but they haven’t?

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  1. They definitely haven’t.
  2. The cost to raise event troops to mythic is measured in dignity and possibly brain cells as you will never ever use the thing again.
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(Someone deleted a post between this and my previous post, makes me look bad! Grr. Dunno why they did, you’ve have to ask them.)

I didn’t know that page existed, handy. I’m on 382 386 without chasing event troops soooo I don’t really feel a pressing need.

But you might be missing out on 1000 gold per day from some of those kingdom stars!