Please devs explain why shop tiers went up?

@Kafka @Bramble
I know most of the players noticed that last week on Invasion or will notice it next week on Raid, but it seems to be a ninja nerf with 7.0 that the shop tier costs from these two events went up to World Event costs.
Former Invasion/Raid costs: 30, 60, 120, 200, 300, 400, 200 (t7)
Current Invasion/Raid costs: 30, 70, 150, 250, 350, 500, 500 (t7)
Maybe i missed that, but i red nothing about it on official news in 7.0 patch.
So, is this another bug or just your usual behavior devs of not telling the truth or just misinform or just forgetting about some infos?
Asking for reasons here…


First line of prices you give is for weekend event, the second line of prices is for full week event.


hahaha, i knew some of us know this, me included, lol
first line is for weekend event and Tuesday faction assault to be fully exact :wink:
but i think you know what i meant:
higher scores needed to finish new rewards in events with raising costs for tiers esp. t7

They have effectively killed Invasion ties. You will end up spending 10k plus, if things go super stupid. I find the update to the past price tier, to be utter bullshit. Sorry, thats just how I feel. As a Vip20, Id have no qualms walking away. The thin threads that keep me in the game continue to weaken. Even solo pushes will cost thousands more. Then theres the other gem sinks 7.0 dumped on us. Gems is in a sad decline.