THX for patch, i love devs, nice game!

oh… some question…
How slime is regenerated in blue and green with 3 slime in the team …?
Does your team didn’t help defense in blue or green (is see valkyrie)…?
For sure i think an unlucky match or you do the wrong choice…
and why cut the picture…? what is this last creature you hide ?

I have 3 begemoths, he have 3 slims+hero sphere and almost permanent move

and you play in normal mode…? i think yes
so sometimes it’s happen’s unlucky game…
A friend say that combo breaker sometime don’t really work (4 extra turn for defense in normal… with mana changer or creator like slime or worm)

Was your skill and strategy for this one as good as on your last post? :wink:

Mean :stuck_out_tongue:
But I guess we were all wondering it.

I think I’d be more sympathetic if the post had been phrased differently - like ‘I was really unlucky and ran into this defence team, look what happened!’ rather than its current sarcastic and frankly juvenile title…

Based on prior knowledge, I suspect our OP has contributed to his own downfall as well… Playing Valkyrie against the slime? Hmmm…

…unless that OP genuinely was saying thanks to the devs… if so then my apologies… but it hardly felt likely…

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I have no idea what you just said…

I suppose you mean that you don’t care about responses that appear on here to your posts. Then why post at all?

I realize now that we are lucky, in that we don’t often get posts like this. Let’s not feed the angry trolls, folks. Could someone lock it, since it’s not producing any meaningful discussion?


What an attitude, you will be so popular if you continue like this…

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No reason to lock as threads just filter out without activity. Generally I only lock if there’s an ongoing issue :smile:
Please always remember to courteous to your fellow forum goers and constructive with your feedback!

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A “You are so bad, get better at the game” is always nice to hear.

Do we have any room for this guy in our guild?
I think he could make a valuable contribution to our little community.

Ugh, I remember seeing this topic last night and thinking, “Huh, 2 hours and no posts yet? Maybe people will just ignore it and we can all continue having fun.”

Wake up today, 10+ responses… :expressionless:

Seriously, the only thing worse than topics like these are when the bait’s actually taken. Nothing productive ever comes out of these topics. It’s venting for the sake of venting, for both the original post and those instigated by it. Let them vent and they’ll let it go.

I’m making this only reply here in the hopes people will read it and let the topic fall away quietly like it should’ve been graciously allowed from the start.


I don’t think we are worth his company.