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Celestasia - NICE BALANCE!

Play VS 1 card about a hour ! its normal ye? ok …

To be fair, you missed some good matches. At 4:30 you missed two skull matches that would of had it on the ropes.


i played about an hour !!! celest was almost 100, its not about my skill guy !

So, you struggled for one hour, but then as soon as you started recording, you won in a few minutes? Sounds like you should record yourself more often. :smile:


start record, when was eternity game. its about balance POST !

I agree with @utfanx2 - you made several moves which set up the enemy for skulls - sometimes you were unlucky, but there were other moves on the board that could have avoided that risk.

You made quite a few poor moves, sorry - e.g. at 6:36 missed a 4 blue which helped the opponent, and missed skulls as Utfanx says.

You also have Goblin King, which is a fairly poor legendary - and cast it several times, which was negative play and would stretch out the game. This clears the greens, which you could be using to cast Hobgoblin, and put Hobgoblin third in line to collect green mana. It also puts a weak Goblin front so your attacks were only dealing 5 damage.

This is the daftest complaint topic I’ve seen in a while - sorry @inSTABLE but I think it’s much about your skill, and some back luck, and not much about balance.


I agree. This seems like truly incorrect and unnecessary calling for nerfing.

And then the devs gave traits to mobs and this guy possible wept at celest barrier on match fours.