Discussion about pay-to-win frustrations

ORGINAL TITLE: “You know best way to kill that game”
Becasue of censorship of forum administrators no sense to make any more posts - THEY KNOW everything better and everything now is cool and no one can complain - pathetic)

  1. First - changes what you dont like to display:
  • drastically lowered gems gathered from towns
  • new key system - to make possibility to gather legendary units almost impossible to free players
  • half reward of souls from arena
  1. Second - unbalanced, stupid bonuses to pack of units. How could you make so overpowered set like “Zaejin”? You should lower bonuses from all sets to not allow them OP. Now defenders for every players look same - Zaejin spam.

  2. Bellow is simple of your action. Btw please explain me how could I win it? (that one is from lowest difficulity - NORMAL )


Your team is capable of winning pretty much any match-up it wants to. Just saying.

Gloomleaf is actually a very good counter to the goblins. They need all the combined health they can get, and stealing their armor and attack is rough. Combined with sunweaver able to buff gloomleaf even more and help to keep it casting that is a pretty lethal combo. Focus on green matches as that will both charge gloomleaf and starve the gobbies. Don’t miss any 4 of a kinds, you don’t want to feed them any mana you don’t have to. Watch the skelly though, creating skulls on the board with those attack numbers could backfire. Of course that has always been the risk of skelly. Wait until you have destroyed their attack numbers a bit with gloomleaf before you go skelly crazy.

As to your first points, I don’t think they are going to kill the game, but any change like that is bound to sting a little. The economy had to be adjusted to keep the game profitable, something we should all want.

Your second point is largely incorrect as stated. The goblin set bonus that team gets is +10 life and +4 attack. Feel free to subtract those numbers out and you will still be left with some freaking amazing goblins. Their team bonus is largely irrelevant. To give you some idea, for the goblin it is 1/5th of its health and 1/6th of its attack. Those are drops in the bucket. Your own gloomleaf unbuffed deals 1.5 times as much as the bonus any single goblin received. Unbuffed you kill each goblin in ~ 3 to 4 attacks. After two attacks their teamwide bonus is basically gone. What you are seeing primarily is ascension and global kingdom bonuses. Those would apply to any team this player chose to field. The goblin set bonus is far from broken, the global and ascension bonuses are completely broken but since everyone can have them (eventually) I guess that is fine.


The combined stat bonuses from 20 kingdoms is the most ridiculous part. And if that wasnt enough, earning 5 gold stars in a kingdom (by ascending and traiting troops) will even double the bonus now… When 60 percent of your troop stats is thanks to kingdom bonuses, the team composition doesnt really matter and the Zaejin and Marauder bonuses are just a whizz into the ocean.


Y’mean, in 2018 or so.


That is only example of last changes. Such situation makes 90% to lose. It is not about good or bad units - u cannot get enough mana casue every skulls gona finish your units very quickly - and that gona happend casue spam never ending units like Zaejin (green mana spam).
20+ more attack in every unit makes table unplayable.

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I’m with you on this one @Shimrra, even with all my hoarded resources, I only have a few maxed out units (~25%). Many are still at the epic level, mostly epic ones.

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this is why i run rock worm. you can take out the king so he cant have back up and if lucky i can take out the mage and only lose one rock worm. huge stats aside a 3 skeleton team with a slime is worse not because of stats but because of the shear damage out put. You guys in higher levels have no idea how much variety us low levels have to face


If you don’t mind my asking Mr. Sammy. How many kingdoms do you have at full stars (double stat bonus)? It seems like the global bonuses took a huge spike after 108, but if you don’t have several full cities, I can’t imagine many others do so something else must be at play.


I agree with the first part, nerfing arena prizes is kick in the balls, legend rates going to 20-40% of former is also (though it may be fixed as just overlook, but players already processed their converted keys…).

As for gobs, we have a fat topic and a dozen smaller ones. The team you show on shot is not even mystic and lacks traits. :slight_smile: A few people posted actual statistics, those show NOT that many set on defense really as you claim. And many other teams can be made formidable with all the bonuses.

This game is now a pay to win, or a pay to advance, as you wish. And It was soooo good before these changes… You can´t earn diamonds or souls like before because…??? potato, no, to pay, pay and pay. You are not giving reward for play but for pay only, you have started a bad way, the way that often destroy the free games like that.
Continue with the vip system and all about, but please, get back the diamonds and the souls like before, at least the souls, don’t punish your more devoted players


Yeah, worms and skull-based teams can dispatch goblins without problem if you have some kingdom bonuses. Certainly every now and again the board is completely against you, but that is part of the game.

you mean 4 rock worms?

Gonna take a long time to kill a 52 health+armor goblin king though.

3 worms + deep borer. As they burrow for 13 and usually several times before you pass the turn, the king, even conveniently sitting in the last pos is history pretty soon. :slight_smile:

I can testify to this! Not sure if I have run into Pasa specifically or just others with similar, but those 3 rock worms + support (I see the support change a lot) are really tough. One mistake (or just a bad board layout) and they are off to the races. Still the team I worry the most about when it shows up as I can never tell how it will go. Goblins may charge fast, and the king can eat the brown, but with a single 3 match + surge they are ready to rock and sometimes you just can’t clear the brown fast enough.


Especially when playing on hard (or higher) about 80-90% of the revenges and opponents offered to me I stand either no chance or a slim chance based on the opening luck. 2 sets of skulls and the first unit is down. If my top 1 or 2 units die this way I can pretty much give up. If the luck is on my side and I kill 1 or 2 units in the first move or 2 it feels like a lucky dice roll, not as though I’ve played well.
And even though it completely clogs up my revenge list I simply refuse to play against full goblins or teams like Shadow dragon / Venoxia / Slime because the endless turns of the opponent are just no fun. I want to play dangit, not watch an AI make endless moves. Needless to say I also stand very little chance against these.

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No offense to the Devs or anyone else, but reading all this stuff and hearing of all the other issues people are having/saying about the game after the 1.0.8 upgrade… It doesn’t sound like the new, overhauled version is going to be all that fun to deal with?

Honestly makes me glad I’m still on the older version on XB1. - Who knows, I might even enjoy the never version more? But I won’t know until that happens. … But to hear so many devoted players speak as they are… it sure doesn’t provide any confidence that this will be the case.

Realistically speaking, all this should be much less of a problem on Consoles because there aren’t any 2014 veterans there who’ve been hoarding since then. Less level/resource gap issues.

True that Shimrra.
In all likelyhood the console versions will have a far more balanced and tighter spread than the pc/mobile users.

The flip side is that they have the problem of not really being able to take advantage of the traits and ascending. I’ve spent far more than most and only have 2 legendary at 4 copies and the most of any common is in the 50’s. There’s a few people in pewpew that are ahead of me but don’t think more than a handful. Talking with my guild the lack of pvp or guild vs guild competition means that this update could kill our interest in the game. It will become very difficult to get souls needed with such a big nerf to the arena and more emphasis on gold for kingdoms is a killer too. We’re pushing to max out as much as we can now to avoid some of these issues but still not looking forward to it.

The other issue is the chest/key change would really hamper things as they are new players so only getting maybe 1 card per key really makes it difficult.