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I hate Frozen. I hate Frozen. I hate Frozen

I just wanted everyone to know that.


Hmmmm, time to make a frozen deck…


Snap! Lyya beat me to it.

And I understand your dislike captain_video. It can make for a bad match, to say the least.

I can beat the Frozen decks I’ve seen so far, but they take FOREVER… I would almost prefer the 4x Celestina*** !

I was gonna do Let it Go. Obviously someone had to.

I just beat 3x IK*** + War***, with three extra IK resurrected.

Frozen is worse.

It is a status ailment that should have been removed not expanded. There are better ways to accomplish new and interesting game twists. The changes to poison are great, the addition of barrier awesome. Frozen just sucks to play against and is a coin toss between completely wrecking a run and having zero effect. It just depends on the board, where you are in your combo, etc. It doesn’t produce variety of gameplay, it removes choices and drags everything down to a crawl. The more I play with it in the game, the less I like it, and the more ridiculously cheap it feels.



It certainly makes Mercy’s full team cure even more powerful. I tried a deck with Borealis + Mercy against my own defense (Maw x2, Mercy, Sheggra). I got a first turn mercy, filled Borealis, and froze the entire opposing team before he got a turn. The AI then used his Mercy and frozen go bye bye.

I was about to mention finding this. He ain’t messing around. Too bad I guess.

I haven’t actually had any trouble beating that combo, as annoying as it is to play IK whack-a-mole.


Cutest… Thing… Ever


Everything needs a counter. What would you suggest instead as a method of countering looping transformers and extra turn spam?

I’m not one of the people saying Frozen is OP, it’s just, well… I still HATE it! Anyone else who plays a control team is going to discover this sooner or later.


The solution I think is to go against a Frozen team with either a cleanser, or a team that has some gimmick beyond looping (bats, etc).

I just pull out my black beast and wave it at them.

Back when it was just a preview we predicted it as a thing not really relevant in players hand while be supper annoying on defense. (IIRC one motivation was told to be a counter to goblin&co endless turns…)

As it was on not so many troops the defense issue was not so violent – BD was first target anyway and usually not in front before died off, the other freezers a rare catch.

And now when defense teams count hard and other aspects require way more battles fought we get a full regiment of new freeze troops to get on defense teams. Not a prospect that looks fun by any means.

just use rocket goblin:grinning:

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Herdmaster is ready to show them some plague in return!

It doesn’t do anything to the most prolific “extra turn” crew in the game the goblins. Goblins also have an endless set of counters because apparently people can’t figure out how to slot them so they just keep making more. Last count I did you could field two full teams of cards that specifically counter goblins.

As to transforming teams, the counter to them is the AI itself. Minus a lucky board layout and a lucky AI decision you can pretty much beat a transformation team with just about any competitive team you dream up. Frozen is unneeded once again.