Thumbs Up or Kudos Feature

I would love to see a feature in PvP where we could give kudos/props/thumbs up for a team we just faced. I see some very creative and innovative teams, and I’d like to encourage those players to keep it up. This would also encourage others to be more original and make PvP more varied than it is now.

If there was an actual, tangible reward that went along with it (bonus glory, keys for the defense), that would be all the better.

(To be clear, I’m not looking to offend those who have goblins, walls, or dragons as their defense teams now. It makes complete sense to have a solid team defending, and there’s no incentive to do otherwise currently.)

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I’ve thought about this before as a way to maybe help encourage a better meta by making matchmaking prefer teams with thumbs up. I imagine it would become players following these rules:

  • I never thumbs up Nyxbringer.
  • I never thumbs up people in , they’re jerks.
  • I always thumbs up people in my guild if I face them.
  • I always thumbs up good event teams.

Greifers, of course, would follow a different set of rules:

  • I only thumbs up Nyxbringer.

Still, I can’t see how it makes the game worse, even if it doesn’t make it dramatically better.