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More pvp rewards

Hi everyone, i was thinking it would be nice to get more diversity in the pvp reward and have some idea for new rewards

1-most wins
2-best invasion winning %
3-best defense winning %
4- best winning streak
5- best score
6-best defense streak wins

I think these kind of rewards added to the current one would be cool. Even someone who can’t play alot could try to win something. This will also add more strategy and people will care more about the lost and wins

Would need to put a min requirement to qualify so people will not only fight 1 time and get a win then wait till the end to win % win or lost :slight_smile:

Also adding these stats in the leaderboard would be a nice addition and a little something for the last week winner

Ex: last week winner : player name Score: ???

Best score ever: ??? Player name

Best winning streak ever : player name score: ???