New idea for are profiles

Ok so here is my idea, in our profile why not have our pvp rank for last week and our results for last week events we took part in. It will be easy for guild leaders to record everyones results. Just put two pages one page for last week pvp results and events and another page for what their doing right now. Event scrore guild war rank you know simple stuff like that. Just guild stuff recorded on our profile. Two big pages a page big enough to show everything all events and keep last weeks results up there. It’s for all guild leaders in mind to help with progress in their guilds to help keep track of everything AND it’s just something fun for everyone to have. :slight_smile:


What “are” means here?

i think op meant “our”


I would really love a defend team win/loss tracker for guild wars that is always present and keeps track across multiple guild wars. How am i supposed to remember if that defend team did good last time 4 weeks later. Especially a sunday team that you would have to check at 3am to be accurate


Some kind of report in the gw screen on off weeks would be nice.

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