This weeks Lb

I just hope that they even these points out soon so i dont have to do close to double the battles for 30k more points


Havnt had top 4 spots in a good long time great job unforgiven

Hope u guys were all in different 30-player groupings (so u won those as well)!

Why the dev team thought it was a good idea to scale rewards inversely with PLAYER LEVEL – a stat that only ever increases over playtime – shall forever remain a mystery. It’s one thing to encourage players new to the game/mode, but another thing entirely for the same formula to effectively “punish” players with greater playtime, for no reason beyond the playtime itself.


Just rough maths but at, say, 4 matches a minute, that’s over 26 hours worth of effort. This is not reasonable, devs, your algorithm is resulting in unhealthy amounts of play.

if the devs would juat acknowledge there is an issue and it will be patched that would go a long way but i cant keep up at this pace for much longer . Just dont understand why the devs of this game like there core players to be so angry and unhappy all the time


Long as the money comes rolling in they couldn’t care less. Hence why I’m going free to play only from now on