Hmmm is all one can say

Who should of won congrats to this level 1480 cause i grinded all day and couldnt come close to him. Lol but just remembered if gane wasnt so broke it would of never happened lol but good job anyways


Yep … higher levelled players are punished for being high level … :frowning_face:

It is unfair. That is why I don’t waste my time until they fix it. Staying in Diamond league and that is it for me. Why they have it this way?, I don’t have a clue. Scoring system should be applied to all regardless of levels. If they say they are doing it for low level then create leagues based on levels to compete against each other. Currently it is unfair and if you are high in level, you are punished for playing the game for a long time or game grinders.


I know that fixing the current pvp scoring system needs a lot of work and development, but I will try offering a suggestion. One simple solution to the pvp scoring system would be to have vp points broken down like this starting from left to right on the fight selection screen:

•30vp- lowest level fight based on beginner player level (up to 1000) with a mixture of a hero, common, rare, and ultra rare troop.

•60vp- mid level fight based on moderate player level (up to 1500) with epic and legendary troops added.

•90vp- highest level fight based on high player level (1500+) with mythic troops added.

They just need to scrap the vp range based off of your own player level and just give 3 easy to understand fights ranging from easy to hard. Players should be able to set their own defend teams, so that it isn’t randomized and easy, like it is now.

There is tons of work that needs to be done, but this is just a thought.

@bramble, @Kafka, or anyone else that can send these ideas from this and other threads to the dev team would be much appreciated.:+1:

That’s one reason why I only play until getting the 6.5k VP for the last reward tier and only on Central Spire. No reason to bother creating different teams, recording their codes, remaking after week reset and so on.


what game is about grinding at low levels? the winner had to lose points for these hundreds of defeats :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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but battles are easier in other kingdoms than the central one if you have a set of mythics :thinking:

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I think a fix is needed asap but what is needed right this min is for acknowledgemnt from the team that there is issues and they will fix them. I have been posting and posting just an answer to when it will be fixed or to tell me its not getting no changes , just something plz


The most usefull comment of this topic is yours. :slight_smile: THANKS :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

“but battles are easier in other kingdoms than the central one if you have a set of mythics”

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Hey all. First of all, thanks to Rob17 for the congrats. He put up a hellva fight. Also, as the one who came on top, I have to say that he is 100% right. He was at a disadvantage here because of his level. I thought about throwing in the towel at one point, but knew that he could not keep up since he was getting less points per win. Hopefully the devs address that at some point.

Anyway, the 25 extra gold marks were absolutely not worth all the work I put into this. I honestly was just grinding XP to max out my classes and ended up in a position to compete for the leaderboards. I did max out 2 classes, but I’m definitely not doing that again.

Hopefully you did not get in trouble with your significant other Rob, and that you didn’t get threatened by a divorce lawyer. :laughing: Grinding out 5600+ PvP matches in a week is absolutely insane on a non-mobile platform.


Yes, it is. If you have a specific set of troops and the restriction is related to that set. That’s the point. Every week it’s supposed to change the restrictions and you need to change the teams all over again and if you don’t have a proper set to make the battles easier, it’s the same as Central Spire. Only doing Central Spire I just need to worry about 1 team. Can I face several Seekra teams? Of course, but I win more than I lose. I lose more to Goblin teams, Wand of Stars or Trick and Treat teams. I’m in the stage of minimum effort. I just choose the highest VP battle with the same team. Even that region bonus is useless if you are only aiming to achieve the last reward.

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Man. That’s rough x.x

You should of let him win, all that work he did
Boo to you :-1:


If there was a way to guarantee a tie, I would’ve done it. After fighting 4500 battles though, I was getting those extra 25 marks no matter what. LOL

Plus, I thought the guys in 3-4 would make a push towards the end and overtake him. Really surprised they didn’t.


Do you would of think i would of let them

I am not sure what you were doing to go so fast but nobody else was but with 140 losses i supose yiu backed out of alot of fights

Hummm is what is say lol

You can’t compete with a lower level player in regards to points over time. I also had somewhat of a race last week, me (~1800) against another player (~1200). I was doing very fast fights for roughly an hour, several battles each minute, always highest VP offered. The lower level player still made roughly 50% more points than me while we were both active, even while losing fights.


Yeah, if I saw that the battle was going to go too long (frozen/tangled/webbed…etc) or if their hero was constantly getting shielded, I just forfeited the match. I didn’t want to get bogged down fighting one battle when I could finish 3 in the same amount of time.