Pvp please fix

So this week i have been doing straight 3 t fights unless more than 25 base points are in 1 or 2 and there is absoulty no differnce in the scores if i do 1 t i would juat like to know if its ever going to get fixed ? Or should i just move on and find a new game to invest my time in. It would be a shame though been here pretty much since day 1. I love the grind if this game but it needs to be fair not like it is niw

A player’s team power/stats has nothing to do with their account level, yet the scoring is based on account level.

Yeah, this VP system needs to be scrapped. Straight up.


This is what needs to be changed in my opinion. Base the VP scoring on the player’s team power/stats instead of account level.

New players should earn their place by grinding and powering up their kingdoms, the same as we all did. Doing this would also give more fair VP amounts to 1,000+ accounts that haven’t bothered to power up their kingdoms along the way and have much lower team stats.

Powering and leveling up kingdoms, factions and teams is the heart of Gems of War. Once you reach the top of the player’s team power/stat scale, it should no longer matter whether a player has played for 7+ years or 1+ years. We should all have equal VP chances at that time.


You surely seem to know what you’re talking about, so…

Complete breakdown of global stats for adequately developed 1700-2000-2200-2600 level accounts on the table, please!
That way everybody will, without a shadow of doubt, see how much easier PvP is for 2600 level account compared to lower level accounts and why current VP system is fully justified.

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Jist put 1 t at 30 points 2 t at 60 3 t at 90 then all is fixed lol

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All i want is a fair game to play i should not have to live on the game to be competive on the lb i have grinded this game as much as the best have and now i have to fight to keep up with levels that are 1000 below me or more do you not think it should be the ither way round make them earn the fast grind time and such we did and my 200 day real time playen stat will orive this lol

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So, do you really think Lebron James should get as much or more credit for beating a 16 year old girl in 1-1 than a 16 year old girl should get for beating Lebron James 1-1?


I have another fix that would work. How about the pvp groupings within the rewards levels are grouped based on level. The top 30 levels in 1 group, the next 30 in the next and so on so you are against other level 2600s not against level 1100s? And you only get fights against other people in your group. That way you aren’t farming people 1500 levels below you or having to compete against them.

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I personally believe the heart of GoW, just like all games, is to have fun. If you find one section of the game that is fun for you, then just do that section. Don’t feel obliged to do everything, games should reduce stress levels, not increase them.


Not sure how anyone thinks this is fair having to do 2 or 3 fights to get the points a lower level player gets with 1 fight not understanding it at all if it wont get changed then drop my level by 1000 or something so i can be competive. Just more frustration than its worth at this point


Does anyone have data as to how the trophy → level scaling works?
My rough data (at lvl 1470) shows about 50 rating pts default,
For every 24 levels you’re above the defender, -1 rating.
For every 12 levels you’re below the defender, +1 rating.
Someone’s got to have better numbers.

Also, power is probably more related to the sqrt (lvl) as opposed to linear.

This was the only reference I could find.

That’s definitely an approximation as well. I’d be curious to know what level that person was at.
For me, there’s a trophy difference between -87 (47) and -88 (46) from me.
87.5 / 25 = 3.5. So it takes the level difference, divides by 25, rounding?
Against harder opponents it seems to be about 13.33333, capped at 40 (90 total).

You’re not getting it.

LeBron’s capabilities would be the similar to our team strength.

His status (aka the money he makes, who he plays, his fame etc) would be his player level.

This has only very little to do with how well he performs.

Now let’s look at VP. Those are like the money someone makes for doing their job, playing their sport in this case.

Let’s say a 16 year old girl would win against LeBron for some reason. Fair enough.

She still would not make more money than him.

It’s a very wonky analogy.

Let’s try another one.

A worker who has worked for 10 years in his job gets paid 5 cents per piece he finishes.

Should a 16 year old girl doing the same job during summer vacation get 15 cents per piece just because she’s new at the job?


The heart of this issue is that the scaling should 1) be based on stats, troops, and bonuses, not on player level, and 2) the scaling should be less severe. I think it’s reasonable that players facing an uphill battle should see some reward for it. The reward as it stands now is excessive.


So you think an NBA MVP doesn’t play better than a random 16 year old? You talked about fame as reward. I guarantee you that a 16 year old beating Lebron in a 1-1 game would get more added fame than Lebron would from doing what he should do every single time and beating someone with so much less experience.

You say its a wonky analogy. That is fine. Lets try this. A world heavyweight fighting champion has a bout with someone who has low experience and is ranked very low. Lets say their names are Mike Tyson and Buster Douglass. Who should have more to gain from the fight? The high level fighter or the inexperienced one?

I will tell you who gained more from that fight. Buster Douglass, the inexperienced one. Tyson had been in 20 professional fights and that one fight made Buster World Champion and Mike Tyson a joke who ended up in prison.

Btw you believing that 4800 hours on the game is even close to as much as some others is cute.

And if you don’t understand what i am talking about with sports references, on explore level 1 you are up against level 10 opponents. On explore 12 you are up against level 150 opponents. Do you really think you should get the same rewards when up against the harder opponents that you do on explore 1?

That’s still a bad analogy.

You still don’t understand. And I don’t know why it doesn’t get through to you.

A level 1000 team strength isn’t stronger when a level 1000 players has it compared to a level 500 player. It’s just not how that works.

What you you’re saying is that it’s fine to “pay” inexperienced workers more for the same difficulty and result. Where would that be fair?

It’s like saying let’s subtract a few seconds from this younger sprinter’s time and pretend he ran faster, and let’s add some seconds to Usain Bolt’s time because he has run so much already.

Now I get wanting to give newer players a fair chance. No issue with that.

I play another game and it’s done in a way more sensible manner. Enemies scale to the level of the player. So a newer player roughly has the same comparative difficulty to a more experienced one, but they can both earn the same rewards for the same effort.

An experiences player may still go farther, though, because they have more tricks up their sleeves.

I think that’s also fair.

What gems does it the opposite. It gives inexperienced players a massive amount of benefit over older players which frustrates the latter, understandably.

Why would anyone want to advance if they’re handicapped by that?

Your E12 analogy doesn’t make sense because both the noob and the advanced player have the exact same chances to win the same rewards.

And, like I said, team strength compared to team strength matters, not to player level.

Both middle and right player teams are the exact same strength. One player has a slightly higher level so that fight is worse 1 more VP. Granted, it’s a small amount, but how does that make any sense? The fights are equally as hard.

Different example:
The fight on the right is a little harder but gives 11 fewer VP than the easier one in the middle. Also makes no sense to me.


Most of this is TLDR. But I had to chuckle reading about Rob’s 200 days on the game, when he passed 850 days a while ago. Still not as much time as others spent, but also slightly more than 200. :joy:

Nonetheless, VP or even the whole PvP mode needs a few more modifications …