Seriously? 13000+?now 25000+

:anguished:I just can’t imagine that…

Hate to be a spelling nazi… But you spelled imagine wrong :wink:

sorry my English is bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I assume this is PVP points? It’s not actually a ungodly amount now with the number tweaks. People are getting between 30-50 points for a hard win. Which would be somewhere between 250-400 wins

:tired_face:and I always get 26 then 28 then 26 then 28…

Yeah the numbers still need tweaking. Maybe I should have said 25-50.

Yeah, the top player has about 450 wins. Not totally insane. The top guilds have had folks averaging 300+ for ages and that’s with no incentive past rank 1 except the base gold payouts.

:tired_face: good bye top 10 guild, not that i cared or whatever but still dang.

The leaderboard measures how much someone plays. Nothing more. I’ll try to get to tier one each week but my placement on the leaderboard means nothing to me.


I took a screencap as I got to Tier 1. Honestly not That much extra effort for the large amount of extra rewards (hundreds of extra Souls and Glory plus a few dozen extra Glory Keys). Only took 20 more battles above Tier 6.

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Pretty much this. I figure I’ll get the guild more trophies next week, though I still may do the occasional one just for the money. Still have kingdoms to get to 10.

The monsters (i refer to those who are extremely great as this game as) have only spent one or two days, i fear what they can do in 1 weeks time.

@dhjl has formidable defenses, but they’re surmountable (as are everyone’s). He’s at the top of the charts because he puts in ridiculous hours. Not to belittle his commitment or accomplishments, but this isn’t a matter of being “great” at the game. it’s a matter of doing the time. There’s no reward in the game for being “great.” Ironically, the forum game is actually a better test of that than the game’s own metrics.


+100 to you @Lyya! Completely agree. :thumbsup:

This is what makes him a “monster.” I mean no disrespect to those who i consider “monsters”. This game has a balance that has been maintained which is effort = reward. Think of a knight vs a dragon. The knight classifies the dragon as monster due to its strength. Strength might = time spent and for that I respect them as such with the term.

Fair enough. I’m kind of in awe of their commitment, myself. I consider myself a pretty damn active player, but there’s no way I’m going to do 1000+ matches in one week, and considering we’re looking at a missing half-week this week and a weekend coming up now, it looks like that’s what it’ll take to get those traitstones.

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Although i hate to compete, if it means getting tyri’s stones i might compete for them during her week. That is probably far off as i missed and failed to get mercy’s stones for my whitehelm team.

gonna need a thousand battles a week to hit top 10 in the future!
I did almost 700 once, and I never will again…
unless I have a nervous breakdown and lose my job lol.

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Yeah, I hope it doesn’t lead to burnout. That would be my biggest fear is folks being their own worst enemy. I have no great desire to be #1 but I’ve already seen some people upset seemingly because there can be only 1.