PVP Points ridiculous

How can somebody be getting 30,000 points on the first day?

Who has 30k points the first day? I can’t see anyone have it on PC/Mobile. There is one called Krammaster having almost 27k points tho, thats fully possible. Hes just an extremely skilled player that plays a lot.



Have you been able to save some money lately?

Yeah, by not spending a single penny on this game. I saved about 4 thousand bucks on VIP level alone, not to mention another 600k from not buying the shitty cash grab tiershops. :smiley:

wow, and me that thought you went for VIP level 20 today!!!

I thought about it, but Path of Exile convinced me to buy some cosmetic things. My sword glows a pretty red now. :smiley:

As stated on the old South Park World of Warcraft episode;
“How do you defeat that which has no life?”

So 30 000 points…hmmm, even if you average it out to somewhere in the 55 point per match range, that’s somewhere in the 550-600 matches in less than 16 hours…
I don’t care how strong your decks are, if your fighting high level, 3 trophy matches, these matches take a certain amount of time!

This isn’t even a case of a shared account. I know we’re not suppose to point fingers in the GOW community but c’mon guys, something’s not right here…

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For the 9,999,999th time, callouts are not permitted in the forums. If you have doubts about a player’s legitimacy, the appropriate action is to pm the devs.

As for the player in question, he’s been in the game even longer than I have and I have no doubt his score is legitimate.


Over in xbox land, idleone, rickygervais, and mandy off the top of my head have all done over 30 k in a day.

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It’s called using the low level guild technique to inflate your PvP score

My post was meant to poke sarcastic fun at the idea of 30K in roughly 15-16 hours…
Guess you missed that part…plus people really need to chill out with this callout nonsense. Just because we live in times that are promoting “victim culture”, people shouldn’t always excercise their right to be offended.

On a serious note, those game play numbers prob underline a more serious issue…but I won’t get into that…
All I can implore to this wonderful community is that video gaming should ALWAYS be about balance in life…

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Whether your post was meant in fun is not the point. The point is it is a violation of community standards and you can get banned for it. If that’s okay with you, it’s okay with me.

P.S. - Sarcasm can be difficult to detect on the net.

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As for the detection of sarcasm, yeah, why haven’t they come up with app for that?
Body language is so critical to the delivery lol

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Couple weeks ago someone got 40k

I don’t need that stupid technique, i won 2 pvp in a row with an average of 45 points and the other players below had 66 points average.

Trust me 30k is easy and if i had 66 points average i could do 45k easy in a day

Edit: and all this with the crazy lag so imagine if no lag :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know players that have done it. I am not super sure how they pulled it off, but I do know they played something like 14 hours/day.

I think I can win, on average, about 1.2 matches per minute, taking loss rate into account. If I’m getting ~50 PvP points per 3t match, in an hour I get 3,600 PvP points. If I do that for 14 hours, I have 50,400.

In fact, if I just wanted to shoot for 30k, and can average 50 per match, and only want to play 8 hours, I only need to average 1.25 matches per minute. I have every expectation that if my lazy flank can win 1.2 matches per minute, someone who plays 8 hours/day can do 1.25.

Use math when you think things are ridiculous.

2500 points per hour is totally doable. 50 games x 50 points.

If people want to sit in front of their console for 16 hours a day everyday chasing a couple ingots then more power to them. Not for me. I work and I’m not going to spend all my free time on any game. I guess some people have to have everything right now. Silly.

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I really doubt it would be 1.25 matches per minute…but I’ll concede and say sure, let’s go with that…
If you include load times, that’s an INSANE, intense zombified PVP grind to reach those numbers. Especially considering they are prob running the same high powered meta team over and over again. I ask again, where is the actual fun in that?
Are they playing on the toilet? Can you prepare food with one hand while playing on your phone with the other? To me, when it gets to that point, you’re venturing into problematic gaming territory.

Gamers are free to do as they wish, but gaming should be about enjoyment and temporarily unplugging oneself from the daily grind of life. I see nothing fun about grinding 30k points in less than a day…