PVP Points ridiculous

In my case i think they just wanted to see someone else first so they decided to go all in lol

Have you ever been to a casino? F2P games are just gambling devices. If they could make the seats have built-in latrines, they would. Ignoring bathroom breaks, you can get food/drinks brought to your machine so you don’t have to leave. Obsessive gamblers strongly believe in sticking with the same machine, so they aren’t going to move unless they have to.

But to answer your questions:

  • Yes, I play on the toilet all the time. Bathroom breaks are probably 80% of my daily play.
  • Yes, I can prepare food while playing. There are many phases of cooking where you are waiting on stuff. Ramen takes 3 minutes. The boiling water takes 5 minutes. It’s not like my hooves are busy.

So long as a player isn’t breaking rules, how they play isn’t wrong. It’s OK to state you think the rules of the game should change to make that playstyle harder/impossible, but most people don’t like you telling them how they should be having fun.

The sad fact of F2P games is the only reason they exist for players who want to play casually is through the impulses of players who at least play like addicted gamblers.

@Rumpy1120 :slight_smile: well just to non sarkastic now … I did like 50k on that year and i will aim at 72k per day this year XD and yeah grind is real for that my math is discribed in my offical post for that week tho [ found this one outta randomness :bear:] my average is 45 secs per match = like 55 - 6? wins and 10-20 loses per hour … im containing that with A LOT of sugar XD so any ways hope you guys have a nice weekend then and the new mythic is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL

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