This week's Glory packs & Weapon pack bundles on xBox?

Hey folks,
I’m away from home and console for this week (and next week and the week after that!). I’m sort of out of the loop in terms of what’s displaying in the xBox Gems Shop, and need to ask you guys a favour.

On Tuesdays-- once Microsoft and Infinity get all the first-day store errors parsed out of the way-- can you let me know which Glory Troop Packs are available for this week, how much they cost in Glory, and the Arcanes contained in each?

Secondly, if there is a Weapon Pack or similar $5 DLC available only for this week, what is the weapon included?

I’ve asked a friend to do basic maintenance on my console account. Since he doesn’t know how to play, I want to accurately describe what he’ll see when he goes into the Shop to purchase weekly Bundles on my behalf. Thanks for your help… The Gems community is a godsend :slight_smile:

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Winter Imp and Yeti packs are available this week, as for the rest, I may not be able to answer them.

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Winter Imp is 450 glory, Yeti is 250.

The $5 weapon pack is silent night. The Christmas candy cane :smiley:

The stones would be Arcane Stoic Blue/Blue(Imp)and Arcane Shield Blue/Brown(Yeti)


If you want a pictures here you go.


Thanks HK and Strat!

So that’s 2 blue/blue Stoics for 450 glory, and 1 Shield for 250 glory.

We had Royal Engineer for 1 Shield last week too, so we’re good on blue/brown Arcanes.

One thing though, correct me if I misremember, but wasn’t the Silent Night weapon the same item that was available for Glory on console around this time, last year.


@Strat I really appreciate the images, I really do. Thanks for posting them :slight_smile:

Have you folks been able to successfully pull Queen Mab out of the Event chests now?

Since the other week Khetar was showing up instead of Adana troops…

  1. I have a couple of copies of Queen M.

2. I’m sort of in SAVE Mode, not opening any chests. Waiting for the rumored update update to arrive… “soon”


Silent Night was my very first glory purchase weapon, along with ragnorod the reindeer. And yes, this time last year!

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Thank you @evilbatwitch, that’s what I thought.

Ah, the memories! I remember being excited to get Ragnagord (he’s so buff) and run a Divinion Fields team filled with Wildfolk (they’ve all become Centaurs).

And later, Silent Night was wonderful at doing a number on those Khaziel badasses. Good times :sunny:

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Another week on console with the new update!

What’s inside this week’s glory pack offerings and the $5 weapon, please?
Price costs appreciated. Photos too :slight_smile: