Merchant's blade?

We console players getting it anytime soon? Or is it at least in our current code base?

I believe it should be in the code base. I’ll try to find out about it for you.


Yeah, I believe it was promised to come to consoles (for glory and not the usual real money) quite some time ago…

They save treats like that for when their sorry about outages or patch delays. And it would cheer me up while waiting for guild wars lol.
Merchant blade also came bundled with two arcane mountains, and you could buy unlimited with glory.

Sadly Mountain is the only arcane I need zero of…

Are you talking about on PC? I’m pretty sure it came with Spirits I think that’s how I traited Mab.

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Maybe it was spirits, because I think that’s how I traited mab on mobile lol

And Merchants Blade is Blue/Purple.

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Was just thinking about this the other day. I still haven’t seen it available on Xbox for glory. Did I miss it? Or did it not come out? Is it still coming out at some point?

No we haven’t got it yet. I think they are saving it as an apology gift in case a patch gets delayed or something.

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Actually there is a upcoming troop which will fit nicely with Merchant Blade. So we’re waiting until that event on Consoles.


Ah, cool! Good to hear it hasn’t been forgotten. :smile:

Devs: We apologize for the delay in the release of the Merchant’s Blade. As a gift, please enjoy the Merchant’s Blade bundle, available in Glory Bundles this week.

(The above was me being silly, btw.)

(Oh, and since I’m still being silly, my entry in that GoW pun contest would’ve been: Back in college, Lil’ Johnny Bronze went by “Prince Azquila” cuz he got all da booty.)

(In a distant second, as I look and head for the door: Lamia killing? That’s SO Raven.)