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CONSOLE: Let It Snow

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/console-let-it-snow/
The console update has taken a little longer than planned (thanks mainly to the thoroughness of both Microsoft & Sony with regards to privacy issues around in-game chat).
But while we wait for the update to finally arrive (real soon now, we hope) we’ve got a special Legendary Troop for you all (only one this week, because of the incoming update though)!

New Troop: Winter Imp
The seasons are changing again! By Imperial Decree, we must impart some impressive and impassioned news of a very important update that may impact (but hopefully not impair) the way you play Gems of War.
Now, we know you are all impatient, so lest we impolitely impede your enjoyment of the game, allow us to introduce the Imponderable… the Impregnable… Winter Imp.
We hope you are impressed!

Winter Imp

As per usual, the Autumnal Imp has left chests to make way for the Winter Imp. Note that the Winter Imp is only available on PC and Mobile currently!

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hmm wondering what the glory cost is going to be since the recent discounts. 400?

But awesome news!

@Sirrian it is not new, i already got 2 winter imp last week

@Rickygervais, Yeah it seemed to slip into some people’s chests early for some people, not mine though. Oh well, at least I won’t feel left out now

It feels a bit nippy out here, oh they released the ice king, oh sh/t he is free!

Nice, I’ll be sure to grab it. What kingdom is the Event chest going to set to this week?

Glacial Peaks will be the kingdom in event chests.


@Nimhain so we can buy imp in glory bundle or it is in every chests?

Winter Imp will be available as a glory bundle, but it will also appear as a legendary in event chests.


Alright thanks for the info

Was Autuminal Imp ever actually in chests? As far as I knew it was only available as a gift from the Devs…

“Note that the Winter Imp is only available on PC and Mobile currently!” should be taken out of the OP…


How about Spooky Imp? Will he ever be offered as part of the troop catchup? Would suck to have to wait a whole another 10 months.


Can we get some details on Winter Imp? I know in the PC version, the imps are only available during their season. So far, that hasn’t been implemented at all on console and Imps have only been given out by the devs.

That would make this the first true seasonal imp we received, so I have some questions:

  • When will Winter Imp be unavailable in chests?
  • Is this going to break the “won’t drop in chests for 4 weeks after the event is over” rule? i.e., will we still be able to get Winter Imp as a random drop in chests after the event is over, up until the seasonal imp changes?
  • Winter Imp has been dropping for about a week now in glory & gem chests. Is Winter Imp still available to drop in these chests during this event?

Winter Imp will be leaving chest start of Febuary.

Winter Imp will still be in other chests during and after this event, until the seasonal imp change over.

He’ll most likely be offered as a bonus glory troop in a future event (no eta), once the next update goes out.


Purchasing a yeti glory bundle rewards a winter imp bundle instead.


Waited so long for this card woooo!

The most handsome imp.

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No snow!!! Go away!!!

It’s snowing outside my house and I don’t like it :frowning:

@Nimhain @Sirrian
i bought, 4 yeti packs, and did not recieve my shield traitstones, i only needed 3 more to get my EK stun trait… is there anyway I may get a refund, or be given 3 shield trait stones? my ingame name on xbox is SLUMZEE
and now i can’t even buy the yeti pack, it keeps saying i dont have the glory due to error, when i do have enough glory.

you got winter imps for 250 glory instead

id much rather of had my shield traitstones, i already had winterimp as of 2 weeks ago :confused: