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This week's Bundles

(I’m a level 50 noob)
Sheggra looks so cool, I want it, but I’m a bit unfamiliar with the economics of the game and not sure what the best deals are. Is it better to invest in the Broken Spire Bundle or to buy a chest of gems for the same price? Are these bundles popular with experienced players? Sheggra comes directly as a legendary card, right?
Also, the red traitstone pack#1 with minor/major/runic red traitstones looks nice. Is this something experienced players find valuable?
Thanks for your guidance

I’m not really a fan of those 50$ packs, because the main buying reason seems to be the legendary troop itself. Sheggra is strong on all levels however.

Drawing a particular legendary from chests (doesn’t matter which type) is also pretty time-consuming. If you are a member of a guild which completes tasks regularly, you should get a fair amount of keys to test your luck.

As for the traitstones: Better farm those in Challenges/Explore mode. Especially the lower traitstones are relatively easy to get, so I would not advice buying those packs.

Buy death knight armor bundle. Best deal in the game period.

I did get Sheggra as my first legendary but weren’t able to make her work as she requires other cards to be powerful. Thread for refernce
The most important thing with the current state of the game is good guild because you can get hundreds or even thousands glory key and gems thanks to guild tasks.

Best value in the shop is the $50 Deathknight Armor and the $5 daily gems. Anything other than that is based on your own discretion.

Other packs that have decent value include: the starter pack ($5), daily maps ($5), minor traitstone pack that gives 20 all minor triatstones ($15), the arcane packs that give 6 of 6 arcanes ($35), and the legendary packs ($50).

In regard to buying Sheggra, I would hold off. Sheggra doesn’t have the best of traits and is very VERY dependent on team composition. It isn’t a card that you can just slap into a deck and win. Despite never buying a $50 pack myself, I do find some of them to be worth it, especially if you are a newer player. It is the only 100% chance drop for a legend in the entire game, which will help a lot if used on one of the better legends in the game. It will also give a weapon early. Most of these weapons aren’t particularly legendary, but many of them do help win Arena better since 2 color weapons are pretty much non existent early with the exception of War and Peace from completing the Khaziel bonus quest line. The event keys in the pack should be saved for an event week that you has a really good legend that you want. If you happen to get a bit tired of the legend you have or need another one for synergy, the 50 event keys can be dropped that week to try to get it. Keep in mind that the contents within the event chests change every week, so if you aren’t familiar with how they work just ask around. It is also just a chance at getting it, but 50 event keys is an extremely high chance of getting at least 1, if not more. Other than that the souls and other resources are used for the legend that drops from the pack.


Interesting you didn’t list any of the other Starter Packs as having a good value. If memory serves correctly, the $20 bundle is a much better value than the $5 starter pack, and I’m pretty sure it’s better than the Daily Gems bundle as well. I haven’t done all of the math, but to my reckoning the legendary packs are actually the best value in the game when you factor in the cost of acquiring a specific legendary.

Of course, that’s in vacuum where I’m just translating everything into a dollar amount based on their in-game value and not factoring in how broken the economy is in terms of Gold, Gems, and Glory Keys. It hurts my head to think about how we’d map that out in a spreadsheet, but it has to go to the Deathknight Armor, then Arcane Traitstone packs, then Minor Traitstone packs, and nothing else is ever worth it.