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Gems...what are they most worth spending on?

I say daily dungeon packs. Both packs daily so I can forge celestials. Plus I later can forge whatever mythic I choose.

Depends if you have VIP chests available and how many mythics you have.

The more mythics you have and the smaller the chance to pull one you don’t have yet from a chest, the more valuable forging material becomes.
If you have only few or no mythics, opening a bunch of VIP chests is much better. (I got a total of four mythics from ~250 VIP chests, I think.)

The dungeon pack on Sunday is ALWAYS worth it.
The other days are debateable, but I’d say if you have two thirds of the mythics also definitely worth it over VIP chests.
If you have no VIP chest access, the value of the dungeon packs also rises.

It also depends on your tribute. If you get enough gems to afford the daily pack and still have some extra to maybe try for the monthly exclusive mythic a bit more, it’s more worth it than if the dungeon pack eats all your gems.


Thx for forging words for me…I agree

I think Sheba hit most of the high points. The right answer really depends on where you are in the game and what guild you are in.

Newbies have the hardest time getting gems, the fewest legendary/mythic cards, and are the furthest from using Soulforge to get a mythic. I think it’s unquestionable they should use their gems on Dragon/Celestial armor, then chests.

After acquiring a few legendaries/a mythic, joining a guild, and leveling up some kingdoms, they’ll start reaching 450 faster. My policy is to open the Sunday bundle and otherwise open gem chests whenever I can. I think a good policy is also “ignore gem chests, get all dungeon gem bundles”. I bet if I did the math you get mythics faster if you just get the gem bundles.

Late game it’s unquestionably “convert gems to diamonds any way you can”. I’m not there yet, but once you have enough legendaries/mythics the odds you’ll randomly get one you want plummet. It’s better to wait out Soulforge and get what you need than risk gems on other things.

I don’t know how VIP keys change things because I don’t have them. My guess is they extend the period where you’d rather open chests than focus on diamonds.

Underlying all of this is an interesting modifier: if you’re making 50+ gems daily you’ve got the option of BOTH opening bundles and saving for chests (slowly). I’ve seen it said it’s possible. I’m not sure how many gems/week I make, I need to start tracking it.

I don’t think there’s ever a “right” answer, though. Until Soulforge gets the “cycling” fix, you could go years without seeing the mythic you need. On the other hand, in that state once you have enough diamonds to craft it, you don’t need to buy more.

Do what’s fun with your gems, there’s not a “bad” choice currently!


spend all gems on gold…best use :sunglasses:

Sunday packs are always worth buyng. But for regular ones… are they worth it?
You spend 300 gems weekly and get 120 diamonds and 2400 shards = 24 diamonds.
300 gems = 144 diamonds
which means

1 Mythic = 8333.3 gems (via regular 50 gems packs)
1 Mythic = 2381 gems (via Sunday 50 gems packs)

On the other hand, if you have access to VIP chests:

1 Mythic = 100 VIP chests = 4500 gems

So, how do I spend my gems?

Regular 50 gems Dungeon packs VIP chests
Can target a specific Mythic Random Mythic*
Can’t pull new exclusive Mythics Can pull them
Higher gem/Mythic ratio (8333 gems) Lower gem/Mythic ratio (4500 gems)
No risk of pulling a dupe/unwanted Myth The risk increases with number of Myths you own*
Perfect for targeting old Myths Perfect for pulling new Myths during their exclusive period
Need to wait for a wanted Myth to appear in Soulforge Perfect for newer players with few or no Myths
Can use jewels to craft Celestials (2 stones for 300 gems) Get lots of Arcane/Celestial traitstones, Epic/Legendaries to ascend

*not valid during exclusive periods

If I had VIP 5, I’d save 4500 - 9000 gems for future Myths and spend surplus on regular Dungeon packs.

EDIT: Are the daily Gem Bounties worth it?


Great analysis, thank you

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Where does one get a dungeon pack? (I play on mobile, if that makes any difference.)

It’s hard to find!

On the dungeon screen where you choose to fight, at the top-right corner there’s a purple button that says “Offer!” or something like that. That’s where the dungeon packs are.

It’s obvious after someone shows it to you.

Sunday dungeons and the occasional 50 vip imo

Great details. Thanks!

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For my particular playstyle (F2P, no Guild, no PvP, no Arena, no Soulforge/Dungeon), I find that I’ve spent the most gems on Event Chests, targeting the Event Week’s Kingdom-specific Legendary troop(s).