Looking for Advice: Buying Stuff

Hi folks,

Brand new to the game, and already fairly addicted. I wanted to give the devs some money for their efforts, but of course I also want to get as much stuff for my money as possible. The in-game store offers me a huge variety of discounted offer packs full of resources that I’ve never even heard of yet. Does anyone have any advice about which package(s) might be the best deal for a newb? Or at least which resources are the most important?

Thanks for any advice,

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If you are willing to spend $50 the deathknight armor is what you want


Deathknight aromor! Also u get good amount of keys with it! :wink:


Deathknight armor is the best long-term investment that a newbie could make, if the price isn’t an obstacle.

Aside from that, the “Growth Packs” are designed with someone like you in mind, with the idea that it will kick-start your collection and give you good bang for the buck in early game. The “Path to Glory” packs are similar, but will conclude with a high-rarity troop that you might not otherwise get until you’ve opened a lot of chests.

If you want to give a little at a time, the mini-vip packs or one of the 15 day subscription packs (daily gems, for example) are very good value.


Yup what he said! :point_up_2:


Thanks guys!

$50 feels a little out of my league atm - especially since I’m going to want two of whatever I buy, to cover my wife’s account too - but I’ll check out some of those other options.


Out of curiosity, what platform do you play on?

Android tablet.

You probably gonna be in this game for year(s) to come. I would had spared and waited until I had money for the Deathknight armor.


Have you found a good guild for you both?

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I do exactly the same, so neither of us ever got the Deathknight armor. $100 is a lot to throw down at once on a free-to-play game, but we’ve both been playing actively for over 18 months now, so it would have been a worthwhile investment. As it is, we’ve chipped away with “daily gems” packs here and there and are both just short of VIP level 4 now.


It took me just over a year of playing before I got around to spending the $100 for deathknight armor for my wife and me. Now we’re about a year and a half in to the game and I really wish I’d spent the money up front. Leveling kingdoms and troops goes a LOT faster with the deathknight armor.

Good luck with whatever you decide and find a good guild. You’ll have a blast either way.


I agree with this! It took me 9 months to buy the Death Knight armor. I still using the bonuses after all this time wish I bought it first as opposed to the “Wild Armor” or whatever silliness I bought for $15 day one.

Note: wife does not play so it only cost me $50.


I’d buy deathknight or path to glory 2 and make sure you’re in a good guild. You can then use gems to buy the dragon armour for ‘free’. Path to glory 2 gives a ridiculous amount of arcanes and other stuff plus a random mythic. Tbh I wish I’d just bought deathknight ASAP myself.


Why a guild?

Not to be too anti-social, but I tend to play in fits-and-starts around my day-to-day life, so I couldn’t really do anything interactive with other people. And I don’t really care for PvP much. I’m not sure I’d have much to offer a guild, nor do I really see what I get out of it (but I have no idea how they work…)

I did buy the Path to Glory pack. I gather from all these other suggestions that picking up a half-decent set of armour pays for itself fairly quickly, which makes sense. So I’m saving my gems for that. Any suggestions on what to do first with other resources?

  1. You don’t need to be that social in a Guild, its not like other games.

  2. There are many Guilds, join one that fits your level and frequency of play. This forum is a great place to start.

  3. The most lucrative rewards are from Guilds.

  4. Death Knight Armor gains its value from use over time. ie The longer you use it the more benefit you revive. Dragon Armor is decent if you go the free route save your first 500 Gems for it, and skip the others.

  5. PvP is against the AI, just using players troops/traits/team.

For other Questions, here are so brief answers covering the basics:


$50’s too rich for me too.

Dragon armour isn’t my bag - spider every time!

The 15 gems for 15 days, or some such, might be good for you? By the end of the 15 days you will have enough gems to purchase your choice of armour.

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This is actually interesting. Its been so long since I was low level I didn’t consider Spider Armor. There is an undocumented line in the sand around level 200 that opens up matchmaking to almost all levels above you. So for a short while (until you get the troops) just above 200ish the game becomes quite difficult and many people quit. I pointed this out, again, but didnt hear anything back. So they probably won’t change the level.

Anyhow you should try and keep your level and XP bonus as low as possible while starting. To build up your troops before hitting this barrier. Spider Armor is 250 Gems gives +50% Gold, +75 Souls, +0% XP! Once you get past this ‘hump’ then Dragon and XP bonus all the way😁


The primary benefit is in the guild task reward system. Every player is able to donate gold toward the completion of a set of tasks that reset every week. As each task is completed, EVERY player in the guild, regardless of whether they donated toward that task or not, gets a reward of glory, maps, souls, gems or keys (gold, glory, gem or event). The return on investment is really good, especially at the low levels of guild tasks. So, if you can find a guild that suits your activity level, then everyone in the guild benefits from everyone else’s contributions. The more people there are in the guild, the more cost-effective the donations are.

A good resource to see what the rewards are is here:

One example to illustrate: If you joined a guild that had 30 people in it, and someone donated 5000 gold to complete the level 1 Brown task, every player in the guild would get 30 gold keys. That’s 900 gold keys for 5000 gold, or about 5.5 gold per gold key. These normally cost 300 gold, so that is obviously a bargain. Even if there were only 5 people in the guild, that 5000 gold would still buy 150 gold keys, for a net price of 33.3 gold per key. Still only about 10% of the cost of buying gold keys with your own gold.

This works best if everyone is contributing, so there can be “free rider” problems, but that is up to the guild leader to deal with. Also, the ROI decreases as you move up through the levels, and they are capped each week, but this is still the best source of mixed keys in the game and you’re missing out by not joining an active guild. In a lot of guilds, the only participation required is to contribute something toward these tasks.


Thanks stan. Yes, join a guild. It’s absolutely essential imo.