Sheggra-based Team Questions

So I just started playing a couple weeks ago, and finally got my first legendary (Sheggra, as the topic implies) and decided to try and make a team around it as the next step up from my “starter” lower rarity teams.

I am aware of combining it with a Mercy and Infernal King, however I do not have IK or Mercy - I do however have a Hellcat, which seems like it could work like a poor man’s IK. Neither Sheggra or Hellcat need any traits for the team to work, which is the part that I find most attractive about this (my stock of Arcanes is super low with only 2 weeks of playing).

My questions are:

  1. What would be the recommended unit in the first slot to do the actual attacking? Hero as Archer or Assassin fully traited? Something that’s immune to entangle? Something that bypasses armor on skull damage?

  2. What’s the power level of this team compared to say a standard ultra-rare-or-below Goblin or Knight or Valk/Druid team, especially considering Hellcat instead of IK and no Mercy for now? Meaning is this even worth investing in, or is it better to just wait a few weeks in the hope of opening a better legendary to build around?

  3. I have heard occasional mention of Princess Elspeth filling a similar role to Mercy. Is this worthwhile to pursue or a waste of traitstones?

As some additional info Sheggra is my only legendary/mythic. My current best team is Valkyrie + Druid + 2 Warlocks, fully leveled (with Valk ascended once) and with 2/3 traits on everything. I am level 62, have 4 of the magic kingdoms at 10, and am in a smaller casual guild of friends (4/12 each task, 10k seals). I just got Dragon Armor so acquisition of higher rarity troops should increase due to gems being used on chests.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Hellcat and Sheggra would work well together, you just need an attacker up front. If you have a fully-traited Archer, that would be the way to go, since that 15% chance to insta-kill is extremely powerful.


When I first got sheggra I used treeant, hellcat, alchemist, and sheggra. Alchemist and hellcat loop nicely so you can set the board up for a devastating sheggra cast. Treeant is just there for stoneskin and to not block alc &hc. But any troop with stoneskin would do


That’s a nice suggestion. Treant is a really solid early-game tank and his skill also boosts his attack, making a subsequent Sheggra cast more devastating.

If the OP is going to use that team, I would just say that because Treant removes brown gems from the board, that provides both an opportunity and an obstacle: sometimes, removing brown strategically can create a 4 or 5-match which can help to keep a loop going or power-up one of your troops; removing brown can also block the progress of filling up your Alchemist and Sheggra (or potentially set-up a 4 or 5 match for your opponent if it ends your turn). So you want to be very thoughtful about if and when you cast Treant. It may be wise to fill him up and not cast him sometimes, but you’ll get a feel for it if you play with this team for a while.


Even though I’m a veteran I never used Sheggra much (nothing against the card, it was just one of my last of the original legendaries that I received and by then the meta had moved on) so I can’t advise you in this area but I did want to say Welcome to GoW & the forums. It’s always nice to see some of the new blood around here. :slight_smile:


I’m in the same boat. Moloch and Sheggra were the last 2 legendaries I got and the meta had long since passed them by. That being said, Maw / Mercy / IK / Sheggra will never be irrelevant. :wink:


You spelled that wrong. It should read: ANYTHING / Mercy / IK / Sheggra. :wink:


Truth. But the “official” build uses Maw. :+1:


I’ve been using Tyri atop a skull-spam team, for this week at least. Her attack is buffed nicely (47 for me w/ all attack kingdoms 5*) with the double event bonus, and she’s great at producing mana for whoever may need it.

I don’t care for Maw or Mercy; I’ve been running Tyri/Forest Guardian/IK/Sheggra. The last three chain very nicely when cast in order. Will probably replace Tyri with Mechanist+Anu’s Sceptre after the event. Mechanist out front is particularly good against Bone Dragon due to freeze immunity.


I think we’re straying pretty far from the OP’s question, and I apologize for my part in that.

Tyri is definitely an easily obtainable card with very high base attack, plus some board control/mana-denying ability, so she might be a good fit as a first-slot troop with Sheggra somewhere behind. She isn’t very tanky, but it wouldn’t be overly important that she survive the battle, so she would do as a meat-shield if Hellcat/Alchemist/Sheggra were behind. That would have pretty good mana coverage with not too much mana-blocking. Hellcat/Alchemist should be able to spill enough excess red to power up Sheggra within a few loops. I’d probably still go with Treant, if it were me.


Thank you everyone for the replies, that was quite helpful. I didn’t even think to use Treant, I have one (and even the arcanes to trait him) and attack buffing + Stoneskin seems like a really good fit. It’s also something that’s really easily attainable compared to say Archer/Assassin since those require a pretty hefty arcane investment.

It’s no problem, I think it’s always good to have next steps in mind to make planning more efficient. For instance Anu’s seems like a decent suggestion to use on a hero that’s out in front without mana blocking the rest of the team, and while I’m still a ways from getting it knowing about the possibility means that’s something to work towards.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I’m actually surprised that I haven’t come across this game until just now considering how long it’s been out. The community here seems really good too from what I’ve seen in the past week or so.


It is; for a game, this is easily the most civil community I’ve ever been a part of; not to say tempers don’t occasionally flare and that the odd troll doesn’t come through from time to time but overall it’s a very caring and healthy group. The devs are pretty awesome, too, so that tends to set the tone.


Yep. It all starts with the Devs. Pretty down to earth bunch they are. And it permeates the rest of the community.

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I’ll echo the previous replies - Treant is a very solid lead and fits perfectly in there. Stoneskin, attack and defense buff, colors that don’t compete with the other troops, and easy to find and trait.

Another good one I found for that spot is Anointed One, but he’s a bit tougher to work with due to him being an Epic.

Honestly, you can use any troop that doesn’t restrict your mana too much as long as it comes with one or both of a good attack stat or a good defensive component (this being why Treant is so good here).

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Hi, Karsart.

Recommended 1st slot that I have used with Sheggra and, yes, Hellcat:
Anointed One.

I’d used two Anointed Ones, just for a little extra “insurance” in case the first one gets killed.

The big plus with A.O. is that he changes red/green combos to red, AND each time he does that his attack is increased. I can’t remember how much per cast, but he can be a pretty bad-ass attack troop, especially once you get him revved up. :smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion, Anointed One looks good too especially with the red transformation. No Stoneskin, but also no need to trait unlike Treant.

For me (at least for now) the choice is easy - I don’t have AO but do have Treant, and the Arcanes to trait him.


Don’t forget to use the dragon banner to get +2 red and +1 yellow :blush:

Yep, I’m good friends with the Dragon Banner since I’ve been running primarily Valk teams up to now :slight_smile: .

Another option is:

Sea Serpent
Giant Spider

This team give you the ability to let mana drop though right to Hellcat. While also giving you another red generator in Sea Serpent an having the Giant Spider -> Hellcat option if the boards mana is really skewed away from Red/Brown/Purple/Yellow.

if you didnt trait treant yet - if you can find anythign else that would work instead - i would suggest to save arcane swamps and not give them to the treant, later game treant is not as much used and you will definately need swamp arcanes (for mercy at the least) unless you dont have a problem in farming larger quantities of arcanes that is :stuck_out_tongue:

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