Sheggra-based Team Questions

Yeah I’ve been noticing that a ton of things seem to require blue/green, so holding off might be a good idea… especially since at my level I have’t had too much of an issue with skull damage. I think I’ll sit on them for now and just level up everyone and get stoneskin only if it seems needed. If I get a Mercy I would certainly want to trait her ASAP, those few arcanes would definitely help.

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Question #1

I say leave the Hero out of early on because, sad to say, it rather inefficient (no board control) compared to the utility that you get with the Troop cards (emphasis: EARLY ON). People can disagree with me, that’s fine.

Here is a suggested build… the only troop that really needs to be leveled is Banshee because he’s up front. The other 3 troops can sit happily at level 1-5 while Banshee is level 15+ and you can just trash bozoz. A 3 match Red gets Alchemist going and you’re off to the races. You can easily take this team at say 2,000 and trash a 4,000 team. I’m not saying to do it I’m just emphasizing that strategy always takes a front-seat to sheer power.

###2x Red Banner

Alchemist (w/ Fire Link)
Goblin Rocket (w/ Fire Link)

Question #2 is just a matter of opinion.

Question #3- Ignore everybody talking about Mercy this, Elspeth that. What you want is to understand the mechanics of the game (transform, explode, link traits,etc) and build on that.

I just did a video called “Team Building w/ Ultra Rare” and there are a lot of these core-concepts discussed: ( )

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ive tried to play it, at first i had trouble maintaining the loop but in the end i got to conclusion its doable,
the tactic i came up with is:
-keep brown yellow and red on the table, transform blue only using banshee (not alchemist)
-if you can take skulls that will not lead to giving enemy an extra turn take them
-cast seggra(or other transformers) only when you are pretty sure it will make extra turn

  • use goblin rocket any time you can, possibly if you can get him to drop a skull match that would be a bonus

@KrudlerTheHorse if you have any tactic to add to it, or i am making it wrong, please let me know

i think the new players could use detailed explanation as i found that deck loop quite complicated

edit: I don’t recommend this team really, it’s just something that a reeeeeeealy new player can use with simple support cards.

One thing that is important to do with transform and board-control teams is to leave skulls to naturally cascade to the bottom and give you gigantic free “skull spams”. These just happen “naturally” when you do a lot of transforming.

There is some nuance to the strategy, but in general as long as you’re in a strong loop and you have your troops up and ready to cast, there’s no need to undermine your damage potential by removing skulls unnecessarily.

My first real team was:


1 ultra rare, 3 rares, and can beat a lot of teams if you play it right. But, a lot of troops have been released since those days. Not sure if better options exist at lower level now.

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I’m using this team right now and have been “forever”. It can beat pretty much any team barring unlucky drops that set up 4+ for Queen Mab (since Frozen is really the one thing that hurts it the most).