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This was going to be an I BEAT MACAWI thread but

I almost had you @Macawi
My Bone Dragon was fully loaded about to fill the board with glorious skulls to slay your final Famine when…
Death Mark took my beloved Bone Dragon from me… :cry:
Next time Victory Will Be Mine!!! :rage:

Edit: To Everybody
Feel free to share your own stories of NEAR victories… they are often more interesting! :wink:



Personally it’s rage-inducing to have RNG dominate so much in a strategy game.

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I suppose for me, @TaliaParks, when I can fire off PvP battles swiftly and do so for the necessary evil of farming and “The Grind” when I take a challenge battle, like the one vs a lvl 1025 Macawi with 2 Mythic fully traited Deaths and 2 Mythic fully traited Famines, I am finally slowing down and playing the game for nothing other than fun and that is interesting in comparison, again, to me. :wink:

Makes sense to me, but isn’t losing to RNG when you played a good game infuriating?

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RNGesus hates me.
I have learned to accept this for the travesty it is.

My invade lineup was Manticore/Bone Dragon/Valk/Giant Spider

That gut-whrenching defeat came after losing both my Valk AND Giant Spider on the FIRST turn of Death Mark!!! REALLY!!??

I fought back with just a stat drained Manti and my Boney and then… Death Mark strikes again… :imp:

I must admit those battles against Little @Macawi always is quite hard… :disappointed_relieved:

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He / She hates most of us from time to time. :wink:


I have begun to take it personally @collectorofgems.

Here is a fun example… after opening thousands of glory keys, and 150 VIP keys and getting NO mythics, I finally saved up enough for another 50 VIP keys. With that 50, Rngesus bestowed upon me the Mythic, WAR!

In the haze of my good fortune, I went ahead and opened the final 24 glory keys I had, and…


Another WAR!!!

I could hear RNGesus laughing at me! :rage:

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Next time you run across Macawi, try this:

Emporer Khorvash
Crimson Bat

All fully traited. Choose your banner; I like blue/red.

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I opened 6k gems of VIP and 3k keys and no draakulis. Last week I did the same and 3 death. Nothing else.

@riversong Ill have to give that lineup a shot. Thanks!

@ZeZign That is brutal. Curse you RNGesus!

They say it helps to share pain so … . . . similar situation as you. Thousands of gems and keys and I am one of the unlucky ones that still doesn’t have Plague. Need Draakulis and Dragon Soul too. All we can do is keep trying. It will happen eventually. Just not soon enough. :wink:


For every War you receive, someone out there gets another Draakulis.

:wave: :point_up:

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