Yeah.... great start to the week

Pvp 1 - take only move available. AI takes 3 free turns and kills my first troop. Quit battle

Pvp 2 - take two moves. AI gets cascading skulls and kills two troops. Quit.

Pvp 3 - board locked. Can’t do anything befote TDS explodes and kills my whole team.

Pvp 4 - take first move. AI takes four turns and kills first troop. Oh hey. I can’t quit the battle.

Exit game.

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Your point being?

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The AI cheats and it severely detracts from the value of the game.

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10 chars

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Not a great start, but why quit the battle when your first troop dies?

If that troop is so important to the team maybe it shouldn’t be at the front of the pack.


Seriously, what benefit would there be to programming a cheating AI designed to piss off the player? You conspiracy theorists always make me laugh.


Which then wastes its high atrack. But I get it. I should just spend til I git gud (Bone Dragon)

Never been up on video games and “difficulty level” has always been chained to “the computer cheats” have you?

I have. It makes sense with things like racing games, where the enemy “rubberbands” closer to you as you drive better. But for a luck-based puzzle game, the skill ceiling is much lower, and I maintain that there’s no reason for cheating AI to be added. You had a few unlucky drops and rage quit. It happens.


I’ve had Bone Dragon for about 400 levels and only used him for two battles. I’m guessing you’re relatively new?
Give it time, pick the easy battles, join a guild and build your team up. In time you’ll get a decent roster to pick from and you’ll be able to breeze past Bone Dragon.

Are you on console? Or on iOS/Steam?

(on console, there is something janky going on with the AI and “random” drops and chains, for sure - but on the older iOS/Steam versions, we’re pretty sure it’s simply randomness and recall bias)

Actually the AI does cheat: in the other way… For new players, up to about level 50 (I think) the random drops are tweaked to disadvantage the AI slightly and avoid giving it too many chains or free attacks… After this, just random…

When the current difficulty settings were introduced, the devs announced what was happening before the change and how they fixed it. I know it’s almost a year old, but this is the latest stuff I could find about difficulty that the devs mention in official news (and haven’t changed it, unless they changed something and didn’t tell us).

Quoted from this thread (by Sirrian):
"We have removed difficulty from both Arena and PvP Invasion/Defense. Now as you progress in rank from 15 to 1, and in Arena from 0 wins to 8 wins, the AI Combo Breaker will gradually turn off, to make the games fair (and a little harder).
For anyone wondering what the AI Combo Breaker is, it’s a clever little piece of code that biases the game in your favor, making sure the AI never gets too lucky with gems dropping in (unless YOU get very lucky first!). We think that anyone progressing up to the top ranks of PvP/Arena deserves a bit more of a challenge though, so now you will get a fair fight!"

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Goblins drop for every new player and everyone Ive introduced to the game loved playing them until they got enough cards to build something else. They are fool proof early game.

Build a Goblin team…have fun…get new cards…

Build a team around your desire.

There is no AI cheating.