Bone Dragon FTW!


Some teams are gaining monstrous stats right now, but Bone Dragon has no mercy for those who are über buffing their armor. In fact, Bone Dragon loves armor, and consumes it for breakfast, dinner and midnight snack. Check this out. I took down three of the enemies troops with one load of Bone Dragon. No wonder, Carnex had 51 armor, that’s a lot of skulls!


That’s what you call an overkill.



that attack only gave you 9 gold. I cant help but laugh at the overkill not paying out well. Also all dragon team looks good


I’m ready to put Shadow Hunter back into action with all that enemy life.


And the war dancer guy


Blade dancer would be pretty neat with all that armor in the enemy team… :smile:


And was the mass-count bug fixed? A few months ago such board full of skulls caused just a handful of damage.


Took out the first enemy without trouble, as you can see. After that there was enough left ( as well as some additional skulls dropping in) to slain the next two enemies as well.


Been in that scenario plenty of times, only a low chance of taking out the second troop when there is that many skulls, becasue they are usually all wiped from the board without any left for the next guy!


All dragon works well for me. Bone then venoxia, sheggra, and celestia. My other big skull team is Luther, fortress gate, sheggra, and prismatic orb. Both do well, but bone dragon does make some amazing skull matches.


I’m still waiting for my 6th Bone Dragon to make him Mythic!