This should never happen

This should never happen.

How many gems do I have available to spend? If I buy this, how many will I have left? Can’t tell from here.
The answer will always be no when idk what I have to spend.


You can also add up option to show me quantity of items in offer.

Like → show me, how many Deeds of Fire i’ve got already.
Same could go for:
→ pet copies
→ troop copies
→ treasure copies (doubt anyone is buying them, anywhere)
→ diamond count etc.


Or let us leave the offer and come back to it, same as we can for flash offers.


Improvement request for Arena offers Many great suggestions in this old thread. If a dev happens to see this request repeatedly made by the community TO MAKE IT EASIER TO SPEND THE PREMIUM CURRENCY IN YOUR GAME, please consider implementing some of these QoL features!

Since that thread was made, at least one of the requests has been implemented (the confirmation on purchase)… still lots of room for improvement!