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Improvement request for Arena offers

I don’t want to discuss whether the update to Arena is good or bad here, there are plenty of threads for that already. But there are a few opportunities to improve the player experience, that would (for me, at least) lead to me spending more gems, and being happier overall.

First, when the offer is presented after completing the arena, my available gems is not displayed. This seems like a significant oversight, that could be easily corrected.

Secondly, the fact that the offers are “use it or lose it” immediately is really frustrating. I would like to be given the chance to check my inventory, look at my roster of troops and pets, and so-forth before deciding if I want to buy a particular offer. If each offer persisted until the next arena was completed, or even better, if all 3 offers could be unlocked and available throughout the day, I WOULD SPEND MORE GEMS if I could have more time to decide whether to buy them or not.

Next, even if neither of the above suggestions could be implemented, I would love to have a confirmation dialog when buying OR declining an offer; since neither action can currently be un-done, it is very frustrating to have no protection against a mis-click.

Finally, if the remaining/available offers could be displayed on the “Chose a Game” page, it would make it so I don’t have to remember if I’ve done 1, 2, 3, or more arenas already in the day, so I could see if I need to do another run to be given the opportunity to spend more gems…


Probably best way to implement your QoL post would be to add a tab on offers:

“Daily Arena offers”, with 3 placeholders (complete Arena run to unlock offer") at the begining of every day. Only thing that might be awkward from programming perspetive -> to keep the information about the 10% discount for every offer given, insted of having it pre-assigned to slot.

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Same with pet offers. I can’t go to troop menu >pets and see if it’s viable without losing the offer chance. I therefore don’t spend gems in blind hope even if I later discover that it might have been worth it. Just more shocking design.

i misclicked it and bought something i dont need today, is this ‘working as intended’ ?

if not please give a confirmation popup with different “Yes” location