Display current player's troop rarity at offers

Right now when Arena gives an offer, you can’t see if you actually need those units. You can only check it when you’re in the troop menu. Add something so we could know if we lack some of those units. Currently there are no point to waste gems gambling ‘do I need those?’.


I don’t want to go through a bunch of arenas to test this out myself - but, with offers in other areas, if you click the blue circle with the ? in it, it brings up the troop so you can preview it, and when it does it shows it at the current rarity, level, medal and traits you have on your own copy of it. I use that to check if it’s needed or not.
Seems to be this way game-wide, so I assume it would be the same in Arena (no guarantees of course :wink: )

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I just tested and got lucky with a troop offer on my first run (sword maiden). It did show correct current level (19) but not reflecting correct ascension (blue card outline), no traits etc. (you can see 2nd screenshot of traited sword maiden from my collection).

for me, I could tell bc of lvl 19 I probably still need copies, bc my habit is usually level to 20 as soon as I ascend to mythic. However, it doesn’t actually show how many copies. Sometimes I might not ascend to mythic until I have 2 extra copies if it’s a troop I might want multiples of, for example. In that edge case, would it still offer the troop? I am not sure

I don’t think anyone has documented an arena offer giving something that isn’t needed, like the daily deals offering already mythic troops. So I tend to assume the arena offers are legit, but I don’t necessarily play arena every day to pay enough attention

Edit: if OP also means, not just for ascension purposes, but is this a troop you have 0 copies of yet at all, I can’t test that bc I don’t have 0 of any troops that can be offered in arena . Maybe someone else can chime in on that

…and that’s why it’s always best to not assume anything :rofl: Works that way in the rest of the game, just not in arena.

Doesnt matter what happens with 0 troop amount. What matter is, level is the only thing you can check there. And since I dont level troops for no reason unless it’s mythic already, I cannot check if I actually need that. Thats why this post was made.

it doesnt even show if it has unlocked traits

Yeah that’s a bummer. It could be helpful to see more info there. going outside the game, an account on gowdb.com can show you all that information in your collection, but the site has been having some issues recently. Gemologica is another one but I don’t remember if that one shows individual troops or just tracks overall progression

As I said before though, I’m not aware of anyone having documented an arena offer being bugged and offering troops that are mythic already. Maybe you will be the one to discover the bug eventually :woozy_face:

arena offers are like additional daily deals, so yes they can offer you troops that are already mythic when you have an open medal tasks, just close all medal tasks and this can not happen

I agree with this thread. It’s too easy to back out of an offer you need. On a side note, if I see a pet It’s never max level so not sure if that info is useful.