Arena: being able to check chosen again before picking the next one

Sometimes, I don’t remember exactly what a given troop does, its type (eg, Knight, Marauder…), or the Rare card’s secondary color (it’s hidden behind the Ultra-Rare cards), and I either have to suck it up, or go look somewhere to find out more. Even if I do, I won’t be able to check traits I have unlocked. It’d also be nice to check my weapons before choosing a given troop (for example, if I have covered all colors, but Purple, but I have lots of units that attack the last enemy, it might not be a good idea to count on Silent Night).


I agree. Having the option to review previously chosen troops is sometimes necessary when it comes to the colour spread and spells. Traits are irrelevant though, they don’t work in the arena.

Oh, they don’t? I’m sure they show as unlocked on the card, though, but I don’t remember if they were active during the battles.

Exactly that. :slight_smile: They show while selecting the troops, but they don’t work in battle.

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This would work easily enough by converting from the old team layout to the new layout where it’s a list visable on the left instead of the whole card displayed under the current choices.

Totally +1 to this. I often forget what color mana I’ve already got covered, especially by the time I get to the third troop. I’m old, okay, I don’t have the best memory anymore, don’t be hating. Anyway, it would be nice to have the previous picks available just so I can keep a strategy straight as I choose my next troop.

+1 to this