Arena Daily Offers

Sometimes a successful arena will offer troops to “theoretically” boost kingdoms. However, these offered troops may already be mythic but not medalled in accordance with the existing troop offer bug. In daily offers we can enter troop menu and check our existing count of the offererd troop to see if we need it but in arena we can’t. You have to take the offer whilst it is on screen (as far as I know) because once you exit the offer screen the offer is withdrawn. So its a case of risk the gems not knowing if you need the troop or passing it up only to find out that you did. If the offers can’t be fixed (ie offered for troops we actually need), is there a way to allow us to check the specific troop without the offer expiring in the process? Considering how long an arena run can take, its a little unfair that we are faced with an offer where we are blindfolded regarding its suitability. Thanks


Same issue with the pets would be nice to see existing copies. Perhaps if the arena offers ended up temporarily in the offers tab somewhere after being triggered each day it would at least let you check after how many troops/pets/verses/deeds you have before buying the offer or not.


Can’t you hit a button while the offer is on screen to see the troop/pet in more detail? (Square on the PS4, which I play on; I’m not sure what it would be on other consoles or PC) Which, among other things, would show you the level of the troop/pet in question and could therefore be used to extrapolate whether or not you need it?

Although for pets, you won’t get an offer for them in Daily Deals or the Arena unless you need it for kingdom progression. So if it pops up in the Arena, it’ll be a non-cosmetic/non-delve pet that you don’t have maxxed out for a kingdom where the active task is leveling a pet to 20.

Not an in-game solution, but I’ll often go check in Gemologica to see if the arena offer’s troop/pet is one that I want for kingdom progress.

It’d be much better though if the arena reward offer wasn’t a now-or-never modal so that you could close it, go check your troops, and come back to the Arena to claim or reject the offer. This would align better with the way the daily and flash offers work.


Yeah you can see the offer if you hit the ? but it doesn’t show you how many of that troop/pet etc you have it just shows more details about it.

I’ve probably wasted quite a few gems in arena already because I only realised there was a troop offer bug very recently when I was offered fire lizard which I knew was mythic. Previously the offers were for troops i didnt really recognise so I assumed that I needed them and would take the offer. Same issue with deed offers too; you can’t check if the colour of the deed is the one you need most and at 300 gems a pop, they ain’t cheap. I currently make a point of checking my deed inventory if I am doing full arena runs to avoid mistakes. What say you @Kafka ?

Yeah, I suppose you’re right.

I’m at a spot where every pet/troop I have is at maximum ascension only limited by the number of copies I’ve pulled at one time or another and my willingness to use blue orbs on them. I have some troops that aren’t at mythic ascension, but not very many, so if I see a non-mythic when I hit the button I know I need more copies to get it all the way.

But I guess that doesn’t work very well for non-endgame players who might not yet have enough souls (or pet food) to match that. So they might have enough copies for mythic ascension but are lacking the other resources and therefore hitting the button will show them something at a lower ascension.

The devs I think are in a similar situation they do not seem to play the game enough or play at higher levels and do not seem to understand how things work in actual situations for a lot of players. You see a lot of people struggling with the new quest stuff for the same reason. A new player thinks they should be able to handle those quests right away as soon as they appear and it isn’t explained well that they may need to get more troops and level them up or trait some in order to make progress.
For pet offers especially it would be useful to see how many copies you are missing because for me most pets are only a copy or 2 away from mythic and I won’t bother with gems but a couple of the ones further behind would be handy to level and I have to rely on gemolocia to see instead of it being provided by the game. Fine for those of us who use outside resources but they should not make using outside resources an expectation.


Agreed. It shouldn’t be necessary to use a 3rd party resource to ascertain whether an arena offer is of value or not. It should be possible to remedy this easily; in fact it should be easy to remedy all instances where you are offered troops that are already mythic level. Being untraited or not at gold elite is irrelevant when it comes to troop copies, unless perhaps you have enough copies but haven’t ascended it. In which case any troop already at level 20 should never be offered (i suppose the 4 x mythic count could be an exception but really shouldn’t be). It can’t be that hard to query existing troop level before making a valid offer.

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Bumping this again having seen @Kafka post about coco bunny. If i take an offer for troops that then prove to be already mythic, can I be reimbursed and why are broken troop offers such a major fix issue?

I’ll support that once an arena reward offer is given, it should persist for some time (1 hour?) in case the player is interested but (for any reason) doesn’t take it RIGHT AWAY.

The other day, for example, my arena offer was a number of War Coins and I wanted to take it, except I needed to farm some Gems first so … yeah, never saw it again.

Less FOMO is always a good thing.

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I would settle for 5 minutes but that would still require coding to prevent the offer being withdrawn during whatever timeframe given to check your inventory, which is an added complication unless the timer is reset when you accept or decline. On kingdom power, you are linked directly to each of the 3 reqs for the current level, including troops. So similar coding exists which could be applied to Arena.